Make way for a new Digi-cam

December 29, 2006

My mom and I went to The Block a while ago to pick up the new cam that they bought for me this Christmas. It was not given to me on Christmas day since it was still ordered and had arrived late ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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a weird update…..

December 24, 2006


After, what? 2 weeks or so before a decent update. geez, blame it to the never ending exams i had before we had christmas break. Darn it. Hello? its Christmas and they are giving us unreasonable headaches.

I really wanted to update for a long time, but i think stress, depression ( maybe… ) and frustration might have taken control of me for the past weeks. It really helps to release your strees through words because at least you are not hurting anybody physically or something.ย  Blogging is a great stress reliever, believe me.

I dont want to go into details of what i have been up to before i made this upadte since there are a lot of things that happened and i cant relate them here one by one ^_^
So what happened lately that i can probably remember? hmmmm…..
Two days ago, my long awaited boy doll ( including a limited edition Juri head version 2006 ) arrived and i probably fell in love with my boy doll. hahaha, he is teh HOTNESS, mhan. nyahahah. but hhmmmm… dolls are dolls though. *smirk* The pics could be found right here

Argh, cant sleep because of thatย movie i just watched with my youngest brother and my mom. Its called the PULSE, which was patterned after a Japanese Horror flick called kairo or something. Its sort of freaky and dealt a lot with computer jargon. I just didn’t “feel” the movie though, the plot and the story was quite bland…. but it was scary! ^_^

note: the pic was ripped from the net. its not mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to update this quite a lot, it really helps take this weird stress off me. I probably have too many problems stirring up inside of me and well it affects the way how i think or something. @_@

And wow, its already Christmas tomorrow, Suweet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ezekiel and Leeca arrives!

December 21, 2006

Ever since i found out that Ezekiel and Leeca has been shipped already two days ago, i was already frantically watching the status of my package through their EMS. There was this website probably affiliated with dollmore that helps customers search their package by just typing the EMS number and *poof*, you will see where your package is. ^___^ Its really handy, so customers will not get all all panicky and be all paranoid when their package does not arrive or something. At least you know if they were lost or whatever. hahaha . This is a print screen of what it looks like. ^_^ Wee~ The Shipping of my darlings were really FAST. hahahaha


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Weirdness Explained

December 20, 2006

I was really wondering yesterday, why it took a very short time for LUTS to process my order and ship it right away. Since they always tell their customers that when they buy a doll with face up, it would take 4 weeks, especially now that it is the christmas season and the christmas rush is sure to be felt when one visits their online store ( alsmot all their items are OUT OF STOCK already , gawd. haha )

I actualy asked LUTS in their Q&A section after they confirmed my payment when my order will be shipped. I wasn’t getting any reply and i thought that “hey, my dolls would probably arrive early next year…. “. But then i got an email from them after three days. ^___________^ Then last night, i saw their reply in their Q&A which explained everything. ahahaha

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Ara has been in her “Happy Happy Joy Joy” mode since Dec. 16, when LUTS *finally* confirmed her order payment. *squeal*. She thought that it might take 2 weeks for the Korean bank to get her payment, but it only took exactly a week for it to be confirmed. Wee~

So after seeing that her payment has been confirmed by LUTS already, they said that the order would be processed only by that time. So since she ordered that boy doll with a face-up, she expected that it would take another 4 weeks to wait for her order to be processed.

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Together with my mom ( a staple in ALL my cosplay escapades ) and my cosplayer friend Maiya Hanazawa, we went to UP’s Bahay ng Alumni to attend a cosplay convention that was held there ๐Ÿ™‚

Ara: Sailormoon live action , Maiya: Helena of Dead or Alive

Picture by Element88 ( )

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Gawd. after months and months of waiting for this event, its finally here!

LUTS Christmas event just started today and I will order my boy later after school. ^_^

I was hoping for free wig and shoes event but it turns out to be a HEAD event. ^_^ I just hope that that JURI version 2006 would be really pretty…or else, i’ll sell it in DOA. haha If she turns out to be ok, i might buy a mature girl body from luts and give the BJD to my cousin who wants to have one. ahahaha . Then we will share. wee~

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Bored. @_@

December 4, 2006

The day was ….ughh…. i don’t know… boring to the extreme probably. I was still very much in vacation mode so i was not ready for lessons and all that. To top it all I have a freaking cold!ย  . Darn it. But Karl’s krispy kreme made my day quite a bit happy , well. also thanks to “that-guy-without-a-codename-yet“, (or probably i’d take into consideration Sam’s codename for him: SHARK )who passed by me three times. Ahahahahahahaha.

ย nagpapapansin ka ba, baliw ka?!?!

*listening to Chrono Cross ending theme*ย  I know , I know. I already accept the fact that its BLAH….over. Im pathetic…….

Geez, but what’s with the talk about him in front of me?….. That just hurts…..very much. *kapow*

Musuem Trippings Part 1

December 3, 2006

Me and my blockmates ( pia, caly, clang, mich, sam, tj and karl ) went to the national museum and some places in Intramuros. The agreed time of meeting was 9 am , but guess what? we left Ateneo a little before 10. ahahaha As usual, Filipino time. But then again, I was already there waiting for them at about 8 am. Why did arrive so early?!? Well, I thought that we might encounter some traffic, so I left my house at about 7:30 am. Arghhh, i forgot that it was Sunday and there is no traffic at these times during this day!! Geez. Sometimes my being O.C about time is going to drive me nuts. Seriously.

On our way to the musuems, we encountered super-mega traffic around recto, good thing, karl and our driver knew how to work their way through that thing. ^_^ ahahaha, i can’t stand traffic! you see, im a very impatient driver. *evil sneer* Probably if i had a gun resting peacefully inside my car, i swear i could have killed a lot of drivers ๐Ÿ™‚ *smiles*

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LUTS Christmas event?! ^_^

December 2, 2006

Well, I was getting impatient because I don’t know if LUTS will continue with their christmas event so I decided to ask them about it. ^^

ara: You said that you will have christmas event, when wil it start?? Will it be a head event or free wig and shoes event?

This was their reply ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello dear~^^

The Christmas Event would be start on during next week.
(Sorry we can’t tell you exact date. ^^;; But it is comming soon!)
Yeah boi! I could finally order my boy next week. ^^ Goodie ๐Ÿ™‚ Im just not sure if it would be a free head or free wigs or shoes kind of event. Whatever event would be nice though. nyahahaha . ^^

Ashe has been nagging me to buy her a prince, but im not sure if she considers the boy doll her prince…. she wants that Homme Ducan ( which i would buy next after this boy doll i’ll order next week ) as her prince and whatever boy doll that I would buy next week would be her SLAVE according to her. tsk tsk. ^^ ahahaha