a weird update…..

December 24, 2006


After, what? 2 weeks or so before a decent update. geez, blame it to the never ending exams i had before we had christmas break. Darn it. Hello? its Christmas and they are giving us unreasonable headaches.

I really wanted to update for a long time, but i think stress, depression ( maybe… ) and frustration might have taken control of me for the past weeks. It really helps to release your strees through words because at least you are not hurting anybody physically or something.  Blogging is a great stress reliever, believe me.

I dont want to go into details of what i have been up to before i made this upadte since there are a lot of things that happened and i cant relate them here one by one ^_^
So what happened lately that i can probably remember? hmmmm…..
Two days ago, my long awaited boy doll ( including a limited edition Juri head version 2006 ) arrived and i probably fell in love with my boy doll. hahaha, he is teh HOTNESS, mhan. nyahahah. but hhmmmm… dolls are dolls though. *smirk* The pics could be found right here

Argh, cant sleep because of that movie i just watched with my youngest brother and my mom. Its called the PULSE, which was patterned after a Japanese Horror flick called kairo or something. Its sort of freaky and dealt a lot with computer jargon. I just didn’t “feel” the movie though, the plot and the story was quite bland…. but it was scary! ^_^

note: the pic was ripped from the net. its not mine. 🙂

I have to update this quite a lot, it really helps take this weird stress off me. I probably have too many problems stirring up inside of me and well it affects the way how i think or something. @_@

And wow, its already Christmas tomorrow, Suweet. 😉


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