Wee~ Happy Birthday to me 🙂

I thought Ara forgot that it was my birthday tomorrow since she was soooo busy fixing her schedules so i was really surprised that she got me a new purple dress for my birthday and we did a mini-photoshoot for my birthday. ^_^



 There were no cakes though although she told me that she did want to buy a little cake but BLAH…that’s Ara she just makes a lot of plans but ends up not doing anything…..tsk tsk tsk.

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Even though its her official birthday on June 08, i still want to squeeze this small greeting to my first ever BJD doll which arrived in my household exactly a year ago.

 So before i forget…..


Ashe Celestine holding Ichigo during the ManikaManila dollmeet. 🙂

sidenote: Photo taken by Me ^_^

Random Blabbery

February 7, 2007

Blah blah. i have disregarded ( yet again ) my site. Boo! Exams have been bombarding ADMU students quite frequently than expected ….and yeah, i didn’t have time to post pictures.

These past few days, i have been thinking of making a photostory. My first photostory!! It quite based on Zeki and Leeca’s arrival in the household. I’ll try my best to post them this weekend. hehe

And on top of not updating this blog, i can’t even make it to the Mini-me February meet-up… how convenient. I’ll make up for it for the next meet and have new clothes for my dollies. haha ^_^

Ezekiel and Leeca arrives!

December 21, 2006

Ever since i found out that Ezekiel and Leeca has been shipped already two days ago, i was already frantically watching the status of my package through their EMS. There was this website probably affiliated with dollmore that helps customers search their package by just typing the EMS number and *poof*, you will see where your package is. ^___^ Its really handy, so customers will not get all all panicky and be all paranoid when their package does not arrive or something. At least you know if they were lost or whatever. hahaha . This is a print screen of what it looks like. ^_^ Wee~ The Shipping of my darlings were really FAST. hahahaha


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Weirdness Explained

December 20, 2006

I was really wondering yesterday, why it took a very short time for LUTS to process my order and ship it right away. Since they always tell their customers that when they buy a doll with face up, it would take 4 weeks, especially now that it is the christmas season and the christmas rush is sure to be felt when one visits their online store ( alsmot all their items are OUT OF STOCK already , gawd. haha )

I actualy asked LUTS in their Q&A section after they confirmed my payment when my order will be shipped. I wasn’t getting any reply and i thought that “hey, my dolls would probably arrive early next year…. “. But then i got an email from them after three days. ^___________^ Then last night, i saw their reply in their Q&A which explained everything. ahahaha

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Ara has been in her “Happy Happy Joy Joy” mode since Dec. 16, when LUTS *finally* confirmed her order payment. *squeal*. She thought that it might take 2 weeks for the Korean bank to get her payment, but it only took exactly a week for it to be confirmed. Wee~

So after seeing that her payment has been confirmed by LUTS already, they said that the order would be processed only by that time. So since she ordered that boy doll with a face-up, she expected that it would take another 4 weeks to wait for her order to be processed.

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Gawd. after months and months of waiting for this event, its finally here!

LUTS Christmas event just started today and I will order my boy later after school. ^_^

I was hoping for free wig and shoes event but it turns out to be a HEAD event. ^_^ I just hope that that JURI version 2006 would be really pretty…or else, i’ll sell it in DOA. haha If she turns out to be ok, i might buy a mature girl body from luts and give the BJD to my cousin who wants to have one. ahahaha . Then we will share. wee~

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LUTS Christmas event?! ^_^

December 2, 2006

Well, I was getting impatient because I don’t know if LUTS will continue with their christmas event so I decided to ask them about it. ^^

ara: You said that you will have christmas event, when wil it start?? Will it be a head event or free wig and shoes event?

This was their reply 🙂

Hello dear~^^

The Christmas Event would be start on during next week.
(Sorry we can’t tell you exact date. ^^;; But it is comming soon!)
Yeah boi! I could finally order my boy next week. ^^ Goodie 🙂 Im just not sure if it would be a free head or free wigs or shoes kind of event. Whatever event would be nice though. nyahahaha . ^^

Ashe has been nagging me to buy her a prince, but im not sure if she considers the boy doll her prince…. she wants that Homme Ducan ( which i would buy next after this boy doll i’ll order next week ) as her prince and whatever boy doll that I would buy next week would be her SLAVE according to her. tsk tsk. ^^ ahahaha

New items for me!

November 29, 2006

Goodie! These items arrived last saturday and this was the only time that Ara posted the pictures of the items she bought for me and the ariving boy doll. ^_^

This is the double bjd doll carrier that Ara bought , so that we would have a proper “container” and so she could bring us some place without her being worried that we might crack or something because we are not placed in the proper carrier. * Geez, she is paranoid, I tell you *. The carrier is really big! see that black thing next to it, that is Ara’s cellphone , and she placed it there for size reference. hehehe

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New Bloggie

November 27, 2006

Ei Ei, ashe here! Since I will be sharing this web space with another BJD arriving next month or early next year, I decided to nag ara to make me another livejournal account so, that weirdo boy BJD would not feel inferior because my other
( neglected ) livejournal is named after me!! hahahha ^_^

 After he arrives, Ara plans to buy another boy doll in the future or some mini fee if she still has money to spare! ( Geez, if you just know how many BJD Ara wants to get her hands on, too bad money is very hard to acquire these days ). 

WAH, cant wait for Ara’s update here since i think she sucks because she is too lazy to take pictures of me and share it with the bjd community! *_*

I thought she was too preoccupied with the pending arrival of that BJD boy and have forgotten about me T.T, but then two days ago, Ara’s order from dollmore arrived! wee~ I now have 4 pairs of cool socks/stockings. She also bought me a new pair of eyes, the sillky pink silicon ones and also a vampire silicon eyes for the boy BJD. Not to mention a black/blue kick-ass mohair wig and a double bjd carrier! It’s sooo big. ^_^ Now, i love her to bits! She might post some pictures soon ( I guess )