Bored. @_@

December 4, 2006

The day was ….ughh…. i don’t know… boring to the extreme probably. I was still very much in vacation mode so i was not ready for lessons and all that. To top it all I have a freaking cold!  . Darn it. But Karl’s krispy kreme made my day quite a bit happy , well. also thanks to “that-guy-without-a-codename-yet“, (or probably i’d take into consideration Sam’s codename for him: SHARK )who passed by me three times. Ahahahahahahaha.

 nagpapapansin ka ba, baliw ka?!?!

*listening to Chrono Cross ending theme*  I know , I know. I already accept the fact that its BLAH….over. Im pathetic…….

Geez, but what’s with the talk about him in front of me?….. That just hurts…..very much. *kapow*


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