Ezekiel and Leeca arrives!

December 21, 2006

Ever since i found out that Ezekiel and Leeca has been shipped already two days ago, i was already frantically watching the status of my package through their EMS. There was this website probably affiliated with dollmore that helps customers search their package by just typing the EMS number and *poof*, you will see where your package is. ^___^ Its really handy, so customers will not get all all panicky and be all paranoid when their package does not arrive or something. At least you know if they were lost or whatever. hahaha . This is a print screen of what it looks like. ^_^ Wee~ The Shipping of my darlings were really FAST. hahahaha


I know my package arrived in the Philippines yesterday , based on the website, but probably the people in the post office were too pre-occupied to send my package immediately to me. But it was ok ^_^

I kind of didn’t sleep last night because i was too excited for my package which i assumed would arrive today. Probably because when i ordered Ashe, it only took two days after shipping confirmation for her to arrive and …yeah, i was right. They really arrived today!! Maybe around 3:00 pm when a guy from the post office rang the doorbell and my heart actually skipped a beat, man! haha, The same excitedness was too much! ^_^ Maybe because it was my first time to actually receive my own package. For Ashe’s case, i was in school at that time and my mom just texted me saying that my doll already arrived. Imagine my excitedness mixed with frustration since i want to go home already but i still had one more class to go. nyahahaha.

So here are the arrival pics!!!! ^______________^ I was on the verge of making a new sig, but i got all bummed out, so i just placed a strawberry for every picture.. yeah yeah, i know it sucks, but better than nothing, i think. nyahahahaha

$50?!?!?! nyahahaha, i love LUTS for that. nyahahaha

Hmm… she says this pose means that she is superior to the dolls underneath her. gawd. she gets brattier every minute.

although i think Ashe was really excited to meet her new friends 🙂

The blue box!

Taken out of the big brown box. hehe

my hands were really itching to open that blue box!!

my boy!!! haha

inside the box… toink! there were so much merchandise that my boy was covered completely. haha

This big blob of bubble wrap contains the limited edition juri head. haha

I think the Juri head is pretty. ^_^ I’ll just her body next time. Got to save up again! nyahahah

the wine colored wig

Aqua Street outfit for Zeki . I dont want him roaming around naked, ofcourse. hehe

Zeki’s black and white boots 🙂

I bought Ashe another pink wig. Thsi time it was really light pink and it was longer and had a lot of waves. It was really cute 🙂

Zeki’s white wig. I love this wig on him ^_^

Naked Zeki! haha


I thought LUTS forgot to put eyes on Zeki!! I actually panicked and snapped a picture of him so i could show it to LUTS or something…..

I LOVE HIS FACEUP!!!! I didnt tell luts any specifications that i want for him but amazingly, they nailed the type of face-up i want for him! it is really cool. *excuse the fact that Zeki doesn’t have eyes on this picture and that there are just two empty eye sockets staring at you*. nyahaha

I was really all panicky when i realized that his glass eyes were just inside his head. The post tacs were too soft and didn’t held the eyes in its proper position so the eyes just remained inside the head. I just opened the headcap and placed his eyes back in place. ^_____^

There were the eyes

The cobalt glass eyes

I think the Blue eyes fits him well, but i decided to replace it with the vampire silicon eyes that i bought from dollmore. This would be his default eyes for now. ^_^

Whoops! excuse the open head cap. nyahaha

After putting his eyes, Ashe suddenly comes up from behind Zeki and bullied him.. T.T

Ashe: I think i like him! ^_^ the pink wig suits you Zeki, we have matching hair!!

Then Ashe tries the wig on her. ^_^ Geez, this girl thinks she is really really pretty.

Ashe holding leeca’s head. ^_^

After taking those pictures, i dressed Zeki so he would not be naked anymore… hahaha

who’s being all emo?!?

I really love his eyes!! totally!!

the hoodie!

Now for a family pic!!!

This pic is quite intriguing…. Ashe tells me that she wants Zeki to be her slave, but… whats this?!?!

nyahahahahaha. Eeep! my BJD family is finally growing. Im planning on buying a Homme Ducan next or a DELF SOO. ^_^ or i might just save up to but Leeca a decent body and get her a decent face-up! haha

More pics are actually uploaded in my multiply http://gacktlover.multiply.com


CP Delf EL – Ezekiel Kamui Xiege
CP Delf LE Juri Head version 2006 – Leeca Ishtair


2 Responses to “Ezekiel and Leeca arrives!”

  1. Sounds like a very interesting concept! Sometimes I can’t help but give free reign to my friendly salmon Fresh joke! Why did the Indian wear a wig? To keep his wigwam.

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