Gawd, i missed blogging so much that i might just DIE. This will be my very FIRST ( official ) post in this new blog or “website”, whatever that might tickle your fancy. Its the end of the month too, just in time for a the brand new start! 🙂  

Played ROSE Online Evolution almost the whole day because….*drumroll*..i got freaking addicted! hahaha ^_^ Seriously, this has been the only online game that i got addicted to ( and yes, i NEVER got addicted in palying RO probably because there were too much people and it became TOO CROWDED ). Not to mention that its already FREE TO PLAY! Yep, it couldn’t get any better! ( well, if they give 2x exp or 2x drop rates, that would be cool too ^_^ )

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Missing it

May 30, 2007


 Wordpress seems fun and sleek…..I might…..just might…consider this my new web “home”.


Geez, why didn’t i used wordpress until now? Its so organized and easy to use 🙂

I decided to transfer all my posts from my other sites in this account so it already has a lot in its archives even though i only started to create an account today. ^_^

 This site would be an all around blog ( by me and my dolls ) but the pictures would still be stored in my multiply site since its WAY easier to upload and post pictures there.

 In case you are wondering what the header means ( I was the one who created that crappy header by the way. ^_^ haha ) –> In lay man’s terms it means …

” I love Gackt”.

Although i’m really into Gackt, this site is not a fan site for him but once in a while i would write something that concerns him and his career. 🙂

Even though its her official birthday on June 08, i still want to squeeze this small greeting to my first ever BJD doll which arrived in my household exactly a year ago.

 So before i forget…..


Ashe Celestine holding Ichigo during the ManikaManila dollmeet. 🙂

sidenote: Photo taken by Me ^_^