Had an exercise for our stat class which seemed like a “LONG TEST”. I was not mentally prepared. XD hahahaha Oh well, at least the formulas are written already, let’s just hope that my answers there are correct and my interpretations are ….well…..ok. haha  

Oh yeah, i saw HIM. XD He is cute, pala. hahahaha

( Here i go again, being smitten with little things. hahaha XD )   

 there was no FREAKING WI-FI in ADMU this morning!!!! Just when i wanted to waste my time surfing the net after like a WEEKEND without one. XD Imagine that. 😦 Gahd, please fix our landline soon!!! I wants internet RIGHT NOW!. XD Boooooo   OMFG! NO PHILO!!! Why ? @_@ I was so looking forward in seeing Sir Tolentino again and other classmates. hahaha XD Heard he was sick or something. BLAH. XD     Im actually right here in the library typing this down and uploading deviations in Deviantart because i have been on hiatus mode for too long. XD  Ack!  

  I want to get killed, like now. I am so confused that i should just crash my car somewhere or something. Lord, help please. I want to end this NICELY .  I can’t afford to lose another friend because of immature circumstances. That just sucks. XD 


Got up pretty late : 7:15. Hahaha, which was supposed to be my “departure” time knowing that I have a 9 am class. But I took my time and ended up leaving the house by 8 am. Hahaha XD I thought I was soooo late , but yeah, forgot that it was a Saturday and that not much traffic in the morning anyway. Hehe

 I had this weird dream by the way. XD It freaking seemed so real. I was not even thinking of the person for the longest time and then that person just pops into my dream like that?!?! And geez, I need a DREAM INTERPRETER like NOW. Hahahaha XD I am now OFFICIALLY DISTURBED by this. “IT” may not ( read: NEVER ) happen in the future but still, I need to know.


 Got so sleepy after like 2 hours of my THREE HOUR polsci class and I wasn’t even able to write my notes properly. Zzzzzzzz….The class was not boring though, it’s the subject itself probably and the TIME!! Three freaking hours with only 15 minutes break time. T____T Deadz. Deadz. Deadz.


Attended the thesis defense thing just to see how the defense would flow and stuff. Gawd. I was stuttering even though it was not our group who reported. @_@ Unbelievable. I don’t even know if our group could pull it off. Too many revisions and stuff. It’s like WE WILL NEVER BE RIGHT. ARGH ARGH ARGH.



 Went to trinoma and watched NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS with Sam, Ralph and Karl!! Wee~ We spent like an hour deciding what to watch and we almost scrapped the idea of even watching a movie. I said, i wanted to watch Sweeney Todd ( Again, i know! ) but then that would be soo KJ because i already watched it XD. Then i told them that i wanted P.S. I love you, but Ralph R retaliated and said:


 ” SHET! Si Leonidas makikita ko sa LOVE STORY?!?! Ayokong madungisan ang image niya dun sa 300!!!” 



 Talked to Karl about some “things” . ( the two RAPLHs went to buy other “boy” stuff and me and karl just stayed at the rooftop to talk. LOL ) Rawr we got so EMO ( errr, I got EMO ) probably because it was already night time and the venue was EMO. Damn it. Geez, i don’t want to pursue my “plan” anymore. I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT. 😦  Help….. 


Amazing movie, it didn’t suck. I just hoped that they didn’t stick with that “traditional” notion when it comes to “TREASURE”. I mean like equating TREASURE = GOLD. XD There are sooo many other treasures anyway, why GOLD? 


Hahaha But oh well, traditional treasure hunters. I LOVE RILEY ( err, i mean JUSTIN BARTHA )!!!! Freaking best character right there!!! Just the right mix of stupidity with hotness. Hahahaha RANDOM, I KNOW. 


January 25, 2008


That pretty much sums what happened this day because I freaking had TWO exams on the same day. I mean, everybody has more than two exams in a day but we are talking about BIOCHEMISTRY here and PHILOSOPHY which are totally different subjects and I can’t focus on the other if I do not sacrifice the other subject. ARGH.


Why is it that a lot of people are born intelligent wherein with MINIMUM effort they get MAXIMUM results . READ: A+++. While I, along with other mediocre students, MAXIMIZE every effort we could muster, but then, we still get MINIMUM results Not fair. T_____T


 Had my orals in Philo at 10:20 in the morning and I was literally banging my head on the table while trying to memorize my “script” for all the SIX thesis statements. After my stat class, I immediately went to the lib to “study”. But no, I missed the internet so bad so I went online for about an hour or so before really reviewing for the orals. Haaha 😀


For those of you who are not aware, yes, I’m currently INTERNET-LESS. No landline either T______T We might be getting another landline number soon because our current landline is “INFESTED” with UNNECESSARY callers. T_T Boo You!

 I was stuttering so bad and I could feel myself burning ( like I had 40 degree temp. serious. ) and I was praying so hard that I could get any thesis number except #4 and #6 because imma gonna get screwed and grilled, yes. Hahaha

God IS kind. He gave me thesis number 1 ^_^ Oh yeah. I hope I explained it correctly and properly. I was confusing myself while explaining, I doubt it if he understood like ½ of what I said. But yes, he is a philosopher , so I guess he is used to those kinds of “complications”. Wee~

 Studied like crazy for biochem but it was all in VAIN. I even memorized the freaking amino acids and the structures by heart but not even ONE question about it appeared in the exam. WTFOMG!!! RAWR. The test sucked so bad, I just found myself grinning over the questions. XD  It was DEATH.


   Lord, save us all.

 I felt the sleepiness that has weighed me down for the whole week and I had no choice but just to sleep immediately and didn’t even study for my polsci class anymore. T_T


January 23, 2008

oh, the title?  



 It’s the korean word for “Sadness” ( don’t go asking me how to read it, because i don’t know how. I just freaking translated it . haha ) Korean? Because whenever I watch Korean dramas, its all about sadness and stuff, but they are quite HOT when they act sad and unhappy. Yoh! 😀   If you could like see me now, I probably look just like that turtle picture on top 😦 I’m just sooo sad about a LOT of things that i could just get a gun and pull the trigger, like NOW. 

Acads is killing me 😦  

 Lord, please send some kind of divine intervention soon, because i might break down earlier than expected T____T  There are many other things making me sad-dish ( LOL. HAHAHA ) aside from Acads, but hey, they are not so important and they could be dealt with some other time. In short, THEY COULD WAIT.   Let this hell week be over soon soon soon. I can’t even sleep and eat properly anymore XD   


( not the best pic , but i love him here. LOL ) 

 Damn, what a way to start the day ( rhyming, yes. ) Heard from the radio early in the morning that HEATH LEDGER just FREAKING DIED!!!! XD I can’t believe it! I wasn’t even able to drive properly anymore because i wanted to go to school immediately and check if the news was true 😦 Sadly, it is. If you haven’t been around the net for like yesterday until today, check it out wherever, because it is all over the place. EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT >.< Poor Heath, I crush him so ever since A KNIGHT’S TALE . Especially in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. 😦 Why didn’t they take other !@%$%#%^$@!#@ celebrities out there who doesn’t deserve to live?!?!?! Like *TOOT*. Place whoever’s name there. haha  I wouldn’t reiterate this further because its too exposed already.  

Rest in Peace , my dear. XD 

There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit
and it’s filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it. 

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Stat and others

January 18, 2008

I stayed up pretty late last night to finish my Statistics “exercise” which I would later find out today should not be passed INDIVIDUALLY but by PARTNER or by THREE’s. @_@ So yeah, the additional eyebags were all for nothing. T_T

Got the LT for STAT this morning and immediately went to do the nitty-gritty computations during my LOONNNGG break. Thank God, Pia and Jay were with me ( although busy and fiddling with their THEO notes ) and i didn’t feel that much bummed compared to when i become all nerdy by myself. haha

Let’s just hope my answers are correct. I’m not after the perfect score, a pretty high-high grade is fine for me. XD

 I was feeling so exhausted with all the mean deviations and variance terms and I was about to give up on it when my phone buzzed.



I checked my phone and there it was…a text from my boy best friend, boinksters. 😀


” Basta I’ll be here if you get lonely. gusto ko lang malaman mo yun…”

Seriously, I think this guy has ESP! He sends the simplest text messages to me ( even though he is in California right now ) JUST IN TIME. 😀 Thanks dear. haha XD


Felt sooo sleepy during our philo that I repeatedly asked Clang to pinch me so that i could stay awake. XD  But to no avail, my body really wanted its sleep and yeah, i was like “zombified” for more than half of the class time, so i wasn’t able to take down that much notes. So i asked Clang if i could xerox her notes instead. Wee~ T___T I was soo not feeling well after Philo that i was tempted to cut Biochem. T_T It was an unusual headache and back pain ( which i could only blame my laptop for that ) coupled with 3 hours of sleep. T___T I WANT SLEEP. XD XD XD


THEO = SEX. Yes. Basically, that is the center of our topic now and honestly, i could understand it quite well. Locker has this way of conveying his message without being overly technical and making his classes FUN at the same time. 😀 Cool.


Biochem=DEAD. Lord, please give me the strength and the knowledge to overcome our Biochem test next friday. I still want to live. LOL. 😀

Me, Maiya and Kagi 

( photo by Herson Moneda ) 

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YOU are missed.

January 12, 2008

I so miss someone right now. T_T
click the cut to know who. ^_~ 

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Went to school today with Kobe since he has basketball lessons early in the morning. 😀 I was so happy because i had my own “pinching bag” ( yes, pinching because he is FAT. hehe ) beside me. LOL. XD  I was so so lazy for the Polsci class because i think i didn’t have enough sleep last night ( jerk XD ) but i still did my “homework” by reading the readings ( pardon the redundancy , yeah.) Went to the caf immediately after parking the car to look for Strawberry Yogurt Drink but found NONE. So yeah, i got pissed and ended up bumming around the place for 20 minutes or so, doing nothing and waiting for the bell. When i got up to the Berch 3rd floor, i got confused with the classrooms and i didn’t know where the Polsci classroom is. @_@ Maybe it was the weather, the unusual quiet and serene day or I was just being all stupid again. I don’t even know more than half of my classmates since we are all lost in our own little “Quasi-Political” world in class. XD  Upon entering the class, Sir Banayad discussed some of his “points” regarding our “quiz” last year which felt more like a Long Test. I was so freaking nervous because i know and feel that i had so many mistakes with my answers ( i remember in one of the questions where i crammed my answer in less than 5 minutes because i was out of time and then the other where i COMPLETELY gave a different AND incoherent answer at that. ). He then pulled out this sheet of bond paper and told us that he would be calling the names of those who did EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. My gahd, i just sighed and looked outside so it would be over and done with in a jiffy. He then started to read out the names:   

 “Blah, Blah, Blah…..Ara…Blah, Blah, Blah”


 I snapped out of my delusional fantasies ( *gets shot * ) when i heard my name. Wait… did he really call MY NAME?! OMGWTFLMAO!! XD XD XD He called like 10 people or so and i was like there, flabbergasted.


WOW. happy


When i got my paper, it had a GREAT grade. Kill me if im being so uberly proud about this, but really I’m a mediocre student and every good grade means a lot to me. 😀 Now, I love him even more. Those THREE freaking hours of studying the CONSTITUTION felt like a breeze that I could stay there a wee bit longer if need be. 😀


I swear, i will do better ( even improve my handwriting skills ) in the REAL Long Test, yoh! 😀  


sidenote: sorry Karl and Ralph R.! XD I’m stupid for not checking my phone and always putting in in silent mode XD Ack! Will go out with you guys soon. 😀 After hell week this week? haha 😀


Ate lunch at our house because my mom went to the market and that meat YUMMY FOOD. 😀 I was right! hahaha XD Ended up eating more than what i intended to. Boo! hahaha So yeah hello FAT 😀

Speaking of FAT, i feel FATTER than ever. I wasn’t able to exercise as much as i wanted to because I AM SICK STILL. XD ARGH. Go away PATHOGENS!!! XD 

Jolly Hotdog

January 11, 2008

Because i’m maximizing my tuition payment in ADMU, I’m here in one of the rooms in Faura and using the internet resources . XD LOL But geez, its not even working @_@  Had another “sabaw” sessions in our STAT class. My Gahd,  Sir Jerry Apolonio is just hilarious. XD I know our class is running in a “Turtle” pace right now ( we are studying the measurements of central tendency still. ) but i really enjoy his class. He cracks up jokes here and there ( which consumes about more than 50% of our class time ) and at the same time I learn a lot from him as well. 😀 I was aware that he is quite popular, but when i tried to google him to find “things”, …WOW. HE IS POPULAR! He has conqured Youtube and other posts by his previous students in their blogs and other professional sites talking about Sociologists and Anthropologists. XD Oh my, amazing. *Bows Down*If all Stat/SA teachers were like him ( Gay or not ), i would have shifted right now to the Social Sciences and be in love with Statistics all over again.   Eh? Did i say all over again? haha XD. Because once upon a time, i loved Statistics too, way back in my high school days.  I don’t know when all the enthusiasm for it deteriorated.     

Oh…oh yes. Enter: PHYSICS. XD 


 Curse the subject all you want , but i loved it 😀 *wink*wink* 

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