LUTS Christmas event?! ^_^

December 2, 2006

Well, I was getting impatient because I don’t know if LUTS will continue with their christmas event so I decided to ask them about it. ^^

ara: You said that you will have christmas event, when wil it start?? Will it be a head event or free wig and shoes event?

This was their reply 🙂

Hello dear~^^

The Christmas Event would be start on during next week.
(Sorry we can’t tell you exact date. ^^;; But it is comming soon!)
Yeah boi! I could finally order my boy next week. ^^ Goodie 🙂 Im just not sure if it would be a free head or free wigs or shoes kind of event. Whatever event would be nice though. nyahahaha . ^^

Ashe has been nagging me to buy her a prince, but im not sure if she considers the boy doll her prince…. she wants that Homme Ducan ( which i would buy next after this boy doll i’ll order next week ) as her prince and whatever boy doll that I would buy next week would be her SLAVE according to her. tsk tsk. ^^ ahahaha


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