Weirdness Explained

December 20, 2006

I was really wondering yesterday, why it took a very short time for LUTS to process my order and ship it right away. Since they always tell their customers that when they buy a doll with face up, it would take 4 weeks, especially now that it is the christmas season and the christmas rush is sure to be felt when one visits their online store ( alsmot all their items are OUT OF STOCK already , gawd. haha )

I actualy asked LUTS in their Q&A section after they confirmed my payment when my order will be shipped. I wasn’t getting any reply and i thought that “hey, my dolls would probably arrive early next year…. “. But then i got an email from them after three days. ^___________^ Then last night, i saw their reply in their Q&A which explained everything. ahahaha

My message:

wow, i finally received the email about the payment confirmation. ^____^

When do you think my order 20061206-2084 (General Merchandise) be shipped? will it still take a long time ? I really cant wait for it.

Hope you ship it soon ^__________^ Thanks

Their reply:
I think you are very lucky.
Our artist worked for your EL pretty early because she thought we comfirmed your order at 6th of Dec.
Therefore your boy is heading to you now.

EMS tracking no. : EM794295795KR

Please check it after the 20 hours later.

Hope you have happy holiday with him!

Thank you!

Thank God for mistakes! hahahaha ^_^


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