UP AME ( Anime and Manga Enthusiasts ) Matsuri 2006

December 9, 2006

Together with my mom ( a staple in ALL my cosplay escapades ) and my cosplayer friend Maiya Hanazawa, we went to UP’s Bahay ng Alumni to attend a cosplay convention that was held there 🙂

Ara: Sailormoon live action , Maiya: Helena of Dead or Alive

Picture by Element88 ( Cosplay.ph )

 Being the crammer that i was, i only made the tiara and the hair accessories yesterday night. I know its not the best material to use, but i CRAMMED, ok. Good thing our maid also helped me make those props, or else…. *gulp*. Does it look creepy? ~_~

Before venturing to UP with my parents and my friend, i had my wig fixed “semi-permanenty” in my head so that it would not move-around when i walk. Also, i had the wig styled in Usagi’s signature hair style –> the “buns”. Even though i wasn’t the one who fixed the wig, i was soooo exhausted after since the wig was fixed VERY TIGHTLY in my head. Ack 😦 This was the only part of the costume that i really hated.

Don’t even get me started on how long the wig is and how it stuck to my ribbon countless of times!

The venue was very jampacked with people ( cosplayers and enthusiasts alike ) and darn it was HOT in there. Having those sort of “sprinkler” fans inside the venue did not help at all and because of it, some of the pictures in my cam were sort-of “destroyed”.  Bummmerrrr 😦

Anyway, i met a LOT of new people and cosplayers too 🙂

 Maiya: Helena, Jac: Cora, Ara: Sailormoon

I sooooo love Jac’s costume because it was very well made and she was friendly too. ^_^

Maiya: Helena, Ara: Sailormoon, Baby Naruto, Nejin: Kenshin

Baby Naruto captured my heart ❤ Hes soooo Kawaii! Nejin also greatly portrayed the bishie hearthrob –> Kenshin.

 This was my third time to cosplay and one of my best cosplay to date! 🙂 A lot of people kept on snapping photos and some even asked my email add and cell numbers. *Phew*.

Inside the cosplayers lounge: Picture galore 🙂

On our way back home, i was already dozzing off since the headache was killing me. Maiya even remarked that i might be suffering from CS –> Cosplay Syndrome. 🙂

Upon arriving in our condo , i visited my neighbor who liked Sailormoon and had picture sessions with my family. 🙂

Me with Mei-Mei. ^_^

Inside the house.

It was such an exhausting day but it was FUN! ^_^ See you guys in the next conventions! Woohoo 🙂

Usagi Tsukino ( Sailormoon) –> “Parurusahan kita, sa ngalan ng buwan!”. hahahahahhaahah 🙂

Signing off ……

The rest of the pictures are in my multiply site –> Gacktlover


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