So who is Gackt you may say? The first thing you need to know is that he is a Japanese Singer/ Song writer/ Actor. He is much much more than that though and I think it is my job to educate you with the bare necessities about his ultimate hotness, GACKT.

Who is this guy that have invaded my very system that everything just becomes all sweet sugary goodness with just the mention of his name?

When did THIS all start anyway???

Well, you see, I wasn’t really an in-born Japanese lover. I actually hated them when i was in high school since i couldn’t figure out what is so “GREAT” or “CUTE” about their make-up and clothes. ( I was exposed to Visual Kei first. )

All my first impressions about the Japanese rock/pop culture changed when my bestfriend, Rem, lent me her cds ( containing interviews and PVs of various Japanese bands and artists ) strictly told me to “try” listening to the music so that i will be able to eventually appreciate them.

Ok, so i shrugged and told myself that: “Well, why not give it a try…”

The first Japanese bands that I discovered ( and came to love in the end ) after watching my bestfriends’ cds are:

L’Arc~en~Ciel –> Which I will ALWAYS love.

Morning Musume –> Oh yes, their first video , “The Peace“, is still etched in my brain.

X-Japan –> Love them. The hairstyle, the band members….just perfect.

Dir~en~Grey –> They seem too “morbid” and “sick” for me , so i never really got into them. I love their hairstyle and get-up though. ^_^v


and of course, the guy who captured me in a mere heartbeat, Camui Gackt.

The first PV’s of Gackt that i saw were: Kimi no Tameni Dekiru Koto and Secret Garden.

After seeing these, my life has NEVER BEEN THE SAME AGAIN. 😀


I’ll try to make this ABOUT GACKT very detailed as possible, so please do excuse me if there are a lot of facts and pictures here. lol. ^_^

So first things first: The Biography



Name: Camui M.S. Gackt

This wonderful creature’s real name is not really known although he tells people that his name is Camui M.S. Gackt. According to some researchers, his real name might really be Satoru Okabe. Neat, eh? Sato-kun! 🙂 hehe

Since the Japanese often use the last name to refer to someone, “Camui” is Gackt’s surname while “Gackt” is his first name. Calling him either way is fine. Given that the Japanese has their own accent when pronouncing names, they pronounce his name as “Gackuto”.

I don’t know what M.S. stands for since Gackt himself doesn’t want to say what they mean. But being the Gackt fangirl that I am, i think it means “Mr. Sexiness”. LOL


–> Let’s get this straight: Gackt is a MAN. Yes he could be pretty ALWAYS sometimes, but deep inside that beautiful face is a GUY. Fine , we could go on an endless debate about Gackt’s sexual orientation but bottomline is: HE IS BIOLOGICALLY MALE.

Just to leave you bewildered, let me quote Gackt himself:

“Its not that I like men sexually, just that I can admit when they are beautiful. But sexually I need a woman.”

There you go. hihi

Birthday: July 4, 1540 / 1973

–> Now, this is where it all gets nasty. He claims that his birth date is July 4, 1540!!! So that freaking means that he is about 467 years old! And no, i didn’t make this up just to make him look cool or whatever! He really said this in various interviews and shows.

Well, he is one bloody sexy guy who already lived for four centuries then! Hahaha

But according to some crazed-fangirls/fanboys researchers, he was born in 1973 or something close to that.

Age: 467 years old / 34 years old

–> So basically, he has two ages that we could choose to believe in. Because I’m being realistic here, i think he really is within the 30-40 years old range. No human could actually live for four centuries and still remain as hot as he is. Unless he is some vampire born to be loved by his DEARS ( collective name for his FANS like me!! ) and live forever and ever! LOL

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan ( But currently lives in Tokyo, Japan )

Family Members: Father: Trumpeter , Mother: Hairdresser , Older Sister and a Younger brother

–> It would have been a blast if there were pictures of Gackt’s family lying around the net, but sadly there are NONE. I would definitely like to see Gackt’s parents and siblings!! Especially his siblings!! Just imagine, a GIRL version of Gackt and a YOUNGER version of him! Weeeee~ That’s just sweet. If i could dig up juicy pictures of Gackt’s family, i’ll definitely post them here. LOL

Here is a picture to suffice for the loss of Gackt’s family’s picture though. This is Gackt when he was still a sniveling little boy. Haha. I love him still though, he looks overly cute here!

Height: 180 cm or 5feet and 11 inches ( 6 feet probably )

Weight: 60 Kilograms or 130 pounds

–> Sexy, ain’t he? LOL. And its all muscles! If you don’t want to believe me,scroll up again and look at that BODY. Not enough? Now see THIS.

Yeah, i can see no fats, right there. He is very very lean and he works very hard just to keep his body the way it is.

Eye Color: Like a normal Asian, he has brown eyes. But if you are a Gackt fangirl/fanboy like me, you may know by now that he has quite a collection of different colored contact lenses. ^_^v

Shoe size: 8

Ring size: 10-14

Chest: 98 cm or 38.58 inches

Waist:68 cm or 26.77 inches ( Now , THAT is just HOT. lol )

Hips: 88 cm or 34.65 inches

Blood Type: A ( for Ara? LOL )

Pets: He has a Maine Coon Cat named Mei and a Miniature Dachshund named Belle Constantine Chappy or just Belle. ( from the Belle Constantine Chapel in France )

Dislikes: Cockroaches,Sweets,Rice and electric lights

–> Yep, here is an Asian who DOESN’T EAT RICE. That’s why his body is so lean! His WHOLE HOUSE is only lighted by candles because he hates bright lights. Wee~

Favorite Perfume: Chanel Platinum Egoiste

–> When we had our stop-over in the Narita, Japan airport ( But still, its JAPAN! ) i bought an original CHANEL PLATINUM EGOISTE! Yep, this is my only signature perfume and i don’t even use it. Well, way back in high school i’d spray this on myself and imagine that Gackt is just nearby. lol. Yeah, It smells good, i swear!

Favorite food: Kimchi, Spaghetti, Egg Salad, Tea ( if this counts as food. haha )

Favorite color: Black and White

Favorite Manga: Banana Fish and Gundam

–> Banana Fish is a shounen-ai kind of manga, by the way. LOL

–> It was said that he was such a big fan of “Kidô senshi Gandamu” ( original version of Mobile Suit Gundam ) and followed the series like a little fanboy. This didn’t go to waste since the Gundam creator and director, Yoshiyuki Tomino noticed this and invited Gackt to be the one who will provide the themesong for ‘Kidô senshi Z Gundam – A New Translation’ (‘Mobile Suit Gundam Z – A New Translation’) film trilogy. Gackt was aghast and was reported to be very happy that he was the chosen for this. The song he did for this anime is Metamorphoze.

Favorite Manga Artist: Yoshida Akimi

Favorite Songs: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Beauty and Harmony by Yoshida Miwa ( lead singer of the band, Dreams Come True )

Favorite Singers: Yoshida Miwa ( Dreams Come True ), Crystal King, Metallica and Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movies: Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels, Scent of a Woman, Soldier

Favorite Actors/Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, Brad Pitt and Nicholas Cage

Favorite Things: Candles( Scented ) , knives, skulls, artificial flowers and DVD movies

Favorite Wine: Italian white wine, Gavi de Gavi.

Favorite Cigarette: Joker Cigarette ( tsk tsk tsk…Smoking is bad for you dear! haha )

Hobbies/ Sports: Dating ( you bad bad boy. lol ), Driving, Skiing, Billiards (ROFL), Boxing, Karate, Judo

Instruments he can play: Piano, electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, drums, Shamisen, Traditional African instrument, trombone, trumpet, cello, bass, and tuba ( or more )

–> That’s just wicked! Really a very talented individual. I can’t even play a single instrument and HE could play…*counts*…almost ELEVEN instruments!!!?? And on top of that , he could REALLY SING!! With that , i don’t mean a very mediocre talent in singing, but a kick-ass DEEP FALSETTO VOICE. O.O I am just mesmerized…oh my…

I bow down to Gackt. ^_^v Such a talented hot guy. ❤

Disclaimer: The pictures and facts in this page ARE NOT MINE. I got the pictures from the internet and the data here are from various Gackt fansites and websites dedicated to him. I simply rephrased some of the data and added my own thoughts and opinion about it. LOL



18 Responses to “Gackt?”

  1. samia Says:

    I love you gackt you rock!!!!!!

  2. samia Says:

    I love you gackt soooooooooo much!!!!!!!

  3. tinneetintin Says:

    I love Gackt! Thanks for the very juicy info. I think I have found a picture of Gackt with his sister… email me so I can send it to you 😛

  4. Cloud Says:

    I love Gackt so freaking MUCH!
    He is and will always be the greatest, seriously, I cant survive without his music^^
    I enjoyed reading this 😉

  5. samia Says:

    love you gactk and your music

  6. C. Moon Says:

    yeah.. I agree with u all.

  7. chia-chan Says:

    same as me………………..

    HOW CAN……..
    I like karate
    I like candle and flower especially white n red rose
    I like city of angel (very much)
    My blood type A
    I like Brad Pitt
    I like Tea
    I like cat…

    I love this guy but………..
    please Come to my dream again and kiss me once again

  8. anna_camui Says:

I’m a romanian fangirl.
Thank you for all this informations.
I love this Angel so much!
Yes,i’m a fangirl,and i’m not shame to say it.
Gackt is so beautiful,so sexy,so talented! He’s my Angel and i can’t live without him and his music. I LOVE YOU, GACKT!!!

  9. anna_camui Says:

    hello! I’m a romanian fangirl. Thank you for all this informations.I love this Angel so much! Yes,i’m a fangirl,and i’m not shame to say it. Gackt is so beautiful,so sexy,so talented! He’s my Angel and i can’t live without him and his music. I LOVE YOU, GACKT!!!

  10. WhiteWings9 Says:

    Gackt!!!! Thanks for the info, this is the first webpage I’ve been onto for information about THIS DROOLICIOUS REAL-LIFE HOTTIE! ❤

  11. Ida Says:

    Thank you! The facts here about Gackt are really well put together and fun to read. And we must be very alike, because I agree with you 100%!

    I found this on wikipedia:

    “A tombstone used as a set piece during a live performance in 2004, which read “Gackt 1973–2007″ (as seen on the DVD The Sixth Day & Seventh Night), has led to speculation that the artist was born in 1973”

    That might be the reason they think he was born 1973. XD

    I haven’t listen to Gackt (or JRock/Visual Kei) for very long, but just like you I just fell in love with his voice. It’s so….perfect. My fave song right now is probably Love Letter or Kimi ni Aitakute. And I do consider myself one of his Dears.


  12. Celeste84 Says:

    awesome collection of facts 🙂 gackt celebrated his 35th b/day this year didn’t he? and he lost belle :<

  13. Karen Says:

    Hehe, I liked reading this. It was quite cute =]
    W00t Gackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkt ❤ =D

  14. AdInA Says:

    hey!im a romanian fan-girl and i must say that Gackt is an Angel..and i cant believe that a man can play soooo many instruments…he is really talented

  15. Meme Says:

    I freakin love tea!!!! I wish i had some tea right now ^___________^ I’m teaching my self to play the piano, drums, guitar, recorder and acordian ^_^ I’m pretty rubbish! I love flowers fake ones aren’t as good though real ones smell nice and look nicer because they are alive! ^_^ He is a very talented dude! but he is like almost 40 or something so he has had a lot of time to learn stuff like that!

  16. Cheyenne Says:

    iz he really that old?……doesn’t seem like it………*fangirl mode* I LOVE HIM 4EVA AND EVA AND EVA AND EVA AND EVA AND ………….

  17. Makiru Says:

    oh Gackt! kinda shocked when I read that. What to do? We’re all fans and what we do is looking for our favorite artist’s biodata

  18. Jennifer Says:

    oh my god, i’m not the only one inlove with Gackt. He did a really good job in moon child with Hyde. i watched in two times and it hasn’t gotten old.But i really do think you should try Dir En Grey again, but if you’re not into that still, try Girugamesh. The singer is so damn sexy.

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