Wee~ Happy Birthday to me 🙂

I thought Ara forgot that it was my birthday tomorrow since she was soooo busy fixing her schedules so i was really surprised that she got me a new purple dress for my birthday and we did a mini-photoshoot for my birthday. ^_^



 There were no cakes though although she told me that she did want to buy a little cake but BLAH…that’s Ara she just makes a lot of plans but ends up not doing anything…..tsk tsk tsk.

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Ara has been in her “Happy Happy Joy Joy” mode since Dec. 16, when LUTS *finally* confirmed her order payment. *squeal*. She thought that it might take 2 weeks for the Korean bank to get her payment, but it only took exactly a week for it to be confirmed. Wee~

So after seeing that her payment has been confirmed by LUTS already, they said that the order would be processed only by that time. So since she ordered that boy doll with a face-up, she expected that it would take another 4 weeks to wait for her order to be processed.

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New items for me!

November 29, 2006

Goodie! These items arrived last saturday and this was the only time that Ara posted the pictures of the items she bought for me and the ariving boy doll. ^_^

This is the double bjd doll carrier that Ara bought , so that we would have a proper “container” and so she could bring us some place without her being worried that we might crack or something because we are not placed in the proper carrier. * Geez, she is paranoid, I tell you *. The carrier is really big! see that black thing next to it, that is Ara’s cellphone , and she placed it there for size reference. hehehe

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New Bloggie

November 27, 2006

Ei Ei, ashe here! Since I will be sharing this web space with another BJD arriving next month or early next year, I decided to nag ara to make me another livejournal account so, that weirdo boy BJD would not feel inferior because my other
( neglected ) livejournal is named after me!! hahahha ^_^

 After he arrives, Ara plans to buy another boy doll in the future or some mini fee if she still has money to spare! ( Geez, if you just know how many BJD Ara wants to get her hands on, too bad money is very hard to acquire these days ). 

WAH, cant wait for Ara’s update here since i think she sucks because she is too lazy to take pictures of me and share it with the bjd community! *_*

I thought she was too preoccupied with the pending arrival of that BJD boy and have forgotten about me T.T, but then two days ago, Ara’s order from dollmore arrived! wee~ I now have 4 pairs of cool socks/stockings. She also bought me a new pair of eyes, the sillky pink silicon ones and also a vampire silicon eyes for the boy BJD. Not to mention a black/blue kick-ass mohair wig and a double bjd carrier! It’s sooo big. ^_^ Now, i love her to bits! She might post some pictures soon ( I guess )

Ateneo meet-up Part 1

September 1, 2006

I know i haven’t updated lately because Ara is sooo busy. She haven’t taken me out of my bow for two weeks already. oh well, the pictures uploaded here are from the first Ateneo meet-up we had. The pics of the second ateneo meet-up was not yet uploaded by that effing human so here it is…

Me and Rie… *swoon*, gackuto!

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Wee~ At long last, Ara finally squeezed this tiny meet-up into her forever-hectic schedule
( which she tells me is full of school-related stuff… which i doubt. hahaha ).

Since she hasn’t bought a doll carrier yet ( She will buy one along with another doll that she plans to buy . *snicker* ), she placed me again in that over-sized bag of hers and left me in the I.D lab along with Cerberus and Lexi. T.T Good thing the both of them were there to accompany me. ^_^

After their respective classes, Alodia and Ara , went back to the I.D. Lab to clean up their things. After that, all of us went to Eastwood for the meet-up ! ( btw, thanks to edj for the transpo! ^_^ )

Gah! We were so early, so Alodia and Ara started to work their way through their cams and the three of us ( Me, Lexi and Cerberus ) were posing like cam-freaks. ^_~ I promised Ara to pose professionally this time so as to help hone her photography skills. <– Although i think it’s more of photography blunder, really. 🙂

Me and Cerberus….i mean, Rie. His outfit rocks!! He is like a gothic monk….

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Happy Birthday Celes!!

June 10, 2006

Since Ara didn’t have any internet connection for the last 5 days, she was not able to post any new pictures of me, specially on my birthday. T.T

Even though I arrived weeks ago, specifically May 24 , i celebrated my birthday last June 8 at Ara’s house. Why June 8? I don’t have any idea but Ara says that she likes the number 8 so i shall have it as my birthday. ^_^

Wah!! I’m sooo happy, Ara and her Ate Kristine made me two cute pair of outifts. One is the mexican look with matching leg warmers and a pretty summer stripe outfit. Ara pestered her Ate Kristine to help her make the outfits since I don’t have any official outfit yet. haha. Now, i love my master so. ^_^ I hope she makes me more outfits. Wee~


Wahh! Forgot to tell that Ara gave me a turtle earring. It has come to my attention that she loves these critters so she gave me one as well. I loves it!! It even came all the way from Australia! Wee~ It matches my eye color too. ^_~

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Eastwood Trip

May 26, 2006

After Ara’s class and her movie presentation to her teacher in Psychology, Me along with her parents picked her up in Bellarmine Hall so we could go to Eastwood. wee~!!

Upon arriving at eastwood, All of us immediately went to Teriyaki boy to eat dinner! woot! scrumptuous ( even though Ara refused to give me at least one bite )

* Ara teaching me how to use the chopsticks. i told her i dont know how! But she still insisted that I learn how to use it since I hail from an Asian chopsticks-using country and that I even look Asian with my face-up. WHAT? *hides*

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At Home

May 25, 2006

Ara brought me to Ateneo this morning so I’ll be able to meet Alodia, Lexi and Cerberus. Ack! I was really embarassed to be brought to the school since i was really naked, bald and worst of all, i was stuffed inside a big bag to serve as my carrier. oh well, i cant complain, since Ara said that I will be getting clothes from Alodia for the mean time while i dont have my own clothes yet.

Me in Lexi’s very first outfit 🙂 ( That’s inside the cafeteria )

Ara and Alodia started taking pictures of the three of us ( Me, Lexi and Cerberus ) after i was fully clothed with Lexi’s very first set of clothes. *hides* Because Ara’s cam got cranky that morning, she depended on Alodia’s cam and her sleek cell phone. Bummer. haha.

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Because Ara got so lazy to upload and post the pictures, my grand arrival pictures got so late to be posted on the net. argh! At least, i nagged Ara enough to at least make me a cutie signature on all of my pictures and upload all of my pictures on the net.

I’m really sorry for this late posting. 😦

Anyway, my vanity shall prevail, so here are the out-dated pictures. 🙂

* $80?! way to go LUTS! hehe. Do i cost that much?? *wink* *wink*

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