March 31, 2005

Too much hiatus is boring! it makes me want to go back to school and chat with my friends instead of sleeping here at the house. i cant think of anything to do except to play Sims 2 ( hours and hours of endless fun!). Now, i’m sick of the sims’ giberish when they “talk” or “interact” with another sim. Shit! now what?!

 I already finished “the City of Ember” by Jeanne Duprau ( its really great! the story is very original! its about a city underground and the citizens there did not know that they were underground, until two kids, lina and doon, discovered the “egress” or the “exit” which lead them to the “world” we are in.) i can’t wait for the next installment!!! i want to get my hands on it!!!!!! dang! it will be called “The people of sparks”. kewl!! its like the titles of her books are all about “light” and “fire”. end of topic.

Now, i am totally depressed, exasperated and freaked out!. my pc cannot read any cds that i put in it. The pc says that it cannot locate any cd-rom in the pc!!! damn!! i have 2 cd-roms and it cannot locate any cd-roms?!?!?!??!?!?!?!. one of these days i’ll bring the c.p.u to SM to have it repaired. another problem is that , the itunes gone, so is the ipod updater! double dang it! “the” ipod is not harmed though. but i can’t update it until my pc is fixed and the itunes is installed again. which means i have to upload those 5oo+ songs AGAIN!! i am pissed off, happy?! ( i am fighting with my damn pc….i’m losing it…)

i did something with my hair yesterday…though i’m not telling what IT is.

Jamie called a while ago and told me that we need pictures for the documentation on the parent-daughter dialogue…. I was the one who had the camera back then..but ALL the pictures are long gone when my pc was reformatted last year (which means that ALL the files are wiped out of the pc’s memory….along with those pictures). and now, jamie told me that Ms. dolor will be holding the cards of these persons (jamie, kamz, jo…and moi)…shit!!! problems do have a way to creep behind your back and tap you from behind and make your life miserable!! i’m OUT of saint paul…but still, “st.paul problems” are still making their debut comeback to wreck my blissful life!!!! dang it!! i hope ____________ burns in hell along with her stupidity and ignorance!!! may she never find the man of her dreams because of her disgusting nature and behavior!! May the new seniors have enough courage to deal with your “animal-like” personality!! i hate you! burn in hell along with everybody else that i despise!! curse you “demons-in-disguise” here on earth. *burning with rage*

i am mean…true.I may be kind most of the time but if you “cross the line” with me, you may not find the outburst…. appealing. There is this other side of me that only a “FEW” people can deal with.



“You were always smiling, real friendly like, but the way you smiled was so empty it hurts to watch you.”
just want to post a pic of my youngest brother! damn…he is wild!…haha..like moi…siblings…

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Kobe (cookie) and andrew the stuffie.

end of rant. get on with your life.


ipod and other stuff

March 22, 2005

I have been busy with uplaoading songs for my new ipod!!Its my graduation gift from my parents! wohoo!! arigatou!! the new ipod will be called “pagong“. Its color is white as snow and I undoubtly love it. I only have more or less 460 songs currently being transfered to my ipod..i mean… to “pagong”. I still have to upload 9,560 songs to really fill up the memory of “pagong” woah!…how am i supposed to do that?! i can’t download songs in Warez because i am not a dsl subscriber and i’m only using prepaid cards for internet services. dang! I had wasted 5 days just to upload the songs i really like to itunes and now i’m enjoying those laborous days of typing the name of the singer, the genre and the title of course.

*currently listening to “tabing ilog” by barbie’s cradle.

I’m starting to miss my high school days in saint paul. I’ll surely miss those guys i have left behind. 

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Graduation at last!

March 18, 2005

Long time no update guys….its because of those practices which were boring to death, the clearances, exams, cosplay, grad ball and all those stuff which consumed a lot of my time for the past weeks. Ok, enough with the rantings for i’m not here to rant again about tedious engagements i have gone through. Today is the day of judgment, and i will go through this with a big smile. No tears will flood for i know i will see those faces again in a few years or even a few months from. Who says that its goodbye? it will just be a “see you soon” and a “farewell for now”. I will post some things that may happen later!


The graduation was a total blast!!! it was great!!! i said goodbye to those never ending mass, the morning assembly, the paulinian uniform, the air conditioned rooms, the checkered floor of the 2nd floor, the faculty which i dreaded the most, the defense, the blasted research!, the bishie teachers of the institution,the guards, the id system, the concessionaires, the smelly canteen, the cats roaming around the campus, the practices for the intramural, the tug players, the clearances, the chain rosary, the 3 points of sr. remedios, the deliberation, the sgb, the violations, the paulinian mission song, the st. paul hymn, my batch mates, my crushes in each year level ( don’t worry i’ll still hunt each and every one of you when i visit st. Paul again), the pass slip, the theater, the tardy and absence slip, the ,lockers, the permits and all those stuff. But one thing is for sure, i’ll always be a paulinian at heart no matter what happens. even though sometimes i curse the school, its policies and its faculty. i still loved my stay there.