Ezekiel and the unnamed Juri head 2006 would be home soon!

December 19, 2006

Ara has been in her “Happy Happy Joy Joy” mode since Dec. 16, when LUTS *finally* confirmed her order payment. *squeal*. She thought that it might take 2 weeks for the Korean bank to get her payment, but it only took exactly a week for it to be confirmed. Wee~

So after seeing that her payment has been confirmed by LUTS already, they said that the order would be processed only by that time. So since she ordered that boy doll with a face-up, she expected that it would take another 4 weeks to wait for her order to be processed.

But then… lookie here!!!
Payment confirmed   2006-12-16 ¿ÀÀü 9:55:00
Shipped out date  2006-12-19 ¿ÀÀü 11:32:39
Scheduled to arrive on  26th Dec, 2006

Nyahahaha. I still cant believe it. i mean.. i still cant believe that i would be sharing my nook with 2 other BJDS! ( errr, well, the other is still bodiless and it is still unnamed…. but she looks very mature and lady like )

It says here that the boy doll and the juri head version 2006 would arrive on Dec. 26, 2006….. But i really really hope that it would arrive sooner. Just like , when Ara ordered me…. It said in the mail that i would arrive May 26, 2006 , but i actually arrived May 24 ^__________^

Now, i wouldn’t be alone in Ara’s room anymore. But geez, i still have to convince her to throw out that boy doll… i dont want any masculinity reeking in my place….


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