Because i think this special girl needs a journal entry of her own, i decided to update this certain topic in a separate journal entry 😀


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June 30…..Last day of the month and also marks the last day of the third week of classes. Wow, i survived with only a little bit of stress here and there.

Woke up at about 5 am ( an hour earlier than my usual get-up time during saturdays. haha ) in order for me to read through the slides in Unit 1 and Unit 2 of our course in CS. Gawd….i so can’t focus in anything that i was reading because i was so sleepy but i managed to read almost all of the readings ( for the rest, i didn’t even bother reading them anymore because they kept on clogging my already clogged brain ).

I arrived at school by 8:20 am ( my class starts at 9 am though ) so i decided to just spend my time in the caf since there were only a handful of people there anyway. I went to look for Nescafe coffee because i was feeling very very sleepy. ( read: 3 hours of sleep is a no no ) But BLAH, the caf didn’t have any except those black roasted type of coffee which is bitter than bitterness itself. Ewww…..

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Hectic Hectic .

June 29, 2007

Because i promised my ( self -proclaimed, mind you ) avid blog reader this:

Hello Carlo/ Silver!!!!!!! It’s ok if you don’t leave any comments, it doesn’t matter dude! 🙂 *hugs* Thanks for reading my LAME! POSTS!!




Stayed in our Philo classroom again 45 minutes before our time because it was cold inside and there are no people inside aside from me. Compared to the library or in Mateo, I always choose to stay in our philo classroom ( because there is no class immediately before us. hihi ) to cram or just bum around.

Good thing, Gie always arrive early too so i can have someone to chat with. While i was busy flicking through the pages of our 10-page Philo reading, he kept on telling me to not study anymore since the recitation ( if ever there will be one ) will be easy anyway.

Gie: Wag ka nang mag-aral, madali lang yan.

Me: Eh madaya ka, hindi ka na kinakabahan kasi natawag ka na.

Gie: Basta kaya mo yan.


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Happy?… O.o

June 28, 2007

As usual, Ateneo greeted me with a nice Traffic. 🙂 Sweet eh?

Gawd, i was so sleepy during the Epi class this morning so twenty minutes before dismissal time, I was not listening because i can’t focus anymore. We talked about the kinds of data that we could acquire in a specific place and in a specific event. Good thing i wasn’t called. ..*phew*…or i wouldn’t be able to answer him AGAIN properly.

Because the boys ( Glen, Gie and Darryl ) haven’t done their prelab yet, i decided to stick around with them in Mateo while waiting for my tutor session. Wee~ Its the FINAL FANTASY GROUP get together! haha Fun Fun Fun 🙂 ( I can’t believe that i already did my lab report last night so as not to cram today….wooh! Lalalalalalala )

At 10:30 pm, i walked all the way to Seattle’s in Katipunan to meet up with Jay and Maia for our tutor. Ack! I was so nervous because we haven’t seen our tutor yet and he/she might be not that nice or something…..

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A sigh of relief

June 26, 2007

Darn traffic….

Even though i left my house early as usual, i still got to school at about 15 minutes ( I usually leave one hour and a half before my supposed class time everyday…funky eh? ) before my class. Grrrrrrr…….. Why are the cars in Katipunan AND inside ADMU so uncooperative??!! I know they are on a rush or something to get their kids in school on time ( to the grade school and high school students ) so they try to squeeze their huge cars here and there and everybody gets stuck. Blah. Why can’t they just follow the traffic rules so the others wouldn’t be bothered by them?!?!

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Awwwww …T.T One of my close friends in high school would already leave the country to study in Australia. I wish you the best of luck, Olga-beh! 🙂

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Of boredom and goodbyes

June 23, 2007

Got to school very early again today ( like 8:20 am and i was already in Faura ) so I just started to do my postlab which is due on Monday. Blah, I’m still at a lost on what to do with the graph and all that. This just so happens every time….

Every first post lab equals to my very first mental breakdown. Guh.

The CS class turned out to be fine but it was just too dragging. Probably I’m just not used to having a three hour class but the class is really interesting…its just that my mind wanders a lot during lectures and exercises.

Focus mhan, FOCUS!

The second hour of the class was the most tiring since the teacher required us to read a couple of computer related articles in the net. My mind went “Eh?” because of all the computer jargon included in the articles. They were not hard to read or understand but there were just a lot of terms to reckon with. Too many for my brain to handle anyway.

I was so sleepy and hungry that i was not able to listen to some of the things the teacher said ( its not that i didn’t want to… but my body was like giving up on me or something ). Gahd, i might not last in this class…..BOO! Fortunately , the teacher was very ok so i can still bear the class.

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Troubled and Jealous

June 20, 2007

Because there was no Philo class today…i got up pretty late…like 12:00 nn. ^_^

Well actually i set my alarm to 9:00 am but when it alarmed i adjusted the alarm to 10:00 am then it alarmed again….. and yeah, i adjusted and adjusted until i got up at 12:00 nn.. Tsk Tsk Tsk…bad bad habit. *punches herself square on the face*

Before leaving, my mom handed me my own CREDIT CARD! A GOLD one at that! LOL. Wee~ I’m soo happy!! * Happy Happy Joy Joy mode* Now i could buy those handsome books in National Bookstore or get myself some Fraps in Starbucks. LOVE IT! Ihaven’t used it yet though because:

1) It is my first time to use a credit card

2) I’m scared to use it. lol. 

I left home a little past 1 pm ( my chem class starts at 3:30 pm ) to avoid the freaking traffic….but knowing Manila…..THERE IS ALWAYS TRAFFIC. While i was fiddling with my stereo and trying to find a decent station to listen to while stuck in the hell traffic, i saw this dashing PINK SUZUKI SWIFT! This is one of the cars that i like because it resembles a mini cooper! Coolness. Here is a picture of it :

I know this is not a good angle, but wah… i love the car! ^_^ ( note: the car is not mine, ok? Its some random car i saw while stuck in traffic. haha )

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June 19, 2007

We finally met our Epidemiology teacher and had our first class with him. Actually i like his class and his slight sense of humor is just great. Its good to see my other blockmates again and the others on the other block. Gawd….. I misses them very much. hehe

So this is what it feels to have no “block” anymore…. its sad. 😦


After the epidemiology class, we proceeded to the next class in CHINGTAN ROOM….Just a few steps away from the previous classroom. I could just remember myself back then, wishing that i had a class in this classroom because it was sooo cozy and cold. Goodie ^_^

We had a very very early dismissal in the class because our original teacher was not back from ….was it U.S? i couldn’t remember …so yeah, an assistant just checked our attendance and said a few shoutouts….and TADA….we are dismissed after what, 10 minutes??!! Great. 🙂

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Second week…fight-oh!

June 18, 2007

[ Because my car is coding today…that means i could only go home after 7 pm. So here i am in the lib typing this meaningless update because I’m depressed today. So be ready for a lame lame lame post. ]

Here goes:

The day started ok…..

I got to school very early… 45 minutes earlier. Since the CTC 102 class is usually empty ( even though there is supposed to be a “class” before us…a theology class, i think ) , I went inside and found Gie. Yep, early birds. The class was sooo quiet so even though we talked in low voices , it still seemed loud. Pft.

Talked about games ( again ) until some people arrived and the class got a bit noisy. I was really nervous today since i know i didn’t do that well in the previous exercise and that maybe i wouldn’t do well AGAIN in this one. The exercise was on the “pakikinig” skill.

E, makikinig ka lang naman eh, anong mahirap dun?

That’s what i told myself again and again so as not to be so paranoid and all that. The teacher said that he would be reading two essays to us and that we should listen carefully so as to answer the questions after every essay. The essay’s were:

1) “A Modernism in the works of Madonna” ( Yep, the singer. )

2) “Teaching Humanity

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