Eastwood Trip

May 26, 2006

After Ara’s class and her movie presentation to her teacher in Psychology, Me along with her parents picked her up in Bellarmine Hall so we could go to Eastwood. wee~!!

Upon arriving at eastwood, All of us immediately went to Teriyaki boy to eat dinner! woot! scrumptuous ( even though Ara refused to give me at least one bite )

* Ara teaching me how to use the chopsticks. i told her i dont know how! But she still insisted that I learn how to use it since I hail from an Asian chopsticks-using country and that I even look Asian with my face-up. WHAT? *hides*

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At Home

May 25, 2006

Ara brought me to Ateneo this morning so I’ll be able to meet Alodia, Lexi and Cerberus. Ack! I was really embarassed to be brought to the school since i was really naked, bald and worst of all, i was stuffed inside a big bag to serve as my carrier. oh well, i cant complain, since Ara said that I will be getting clothes from Alodia for the mean time while i dont have my own clothes yet.

Me in Lexi’s very first outfit πŸ™‚ ( That’s inside the cafeteria )

Ara and Alodia started taking pictures of the three of us ( Me, Lexi and Cerberus ) after i was fully clothed with Lexi’s very first set of clothes. *hides* Because Ara’s cam got cranky that morning, she depended on Alodia’s cam and her sleek cell phone. Bummer. haha.

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Because Ara got so lazy to upload and post the pictures, my grand arrival pictures got so late to be posted on the net. argh! At least, i nagged Ara enough to at least make me a cutie signature on all of my pictures and upload all of my pictures on the net.

I’m really sorry for this late posting. 😦

Anyway, my vanity shall prevail, so here are the out-dated pictures. πŸ™‚

* $80?! way to go LUTS! hehe. Do i cost that much?? *wink* *wink*

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here i was ranting how i didnt get my shipping confirmation email just a few hours ago, and now, i’m super super super excited for the arrival of Celestine!! waahhh

this really made my day!!! wow!

“Hi lovely Ara

How are you today?
Thank you for your patience all through.
Your tracking number is em781375861kr
However you probably won’t get any info in 24 hours
Have a nice & happy day~!
Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

From: your friend……LUTS”
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I emailed Luts again last May, 20 ( Saturday ) since i was really over excited to the extreme about my order. hehe

i placed this mail in their Q&A board since they answer faster there than in their e-mail account.

I wrote:


just want to check up on my order if the face-up is done already. because you said that i shall be having my shipping confirmation probably 2 days from now. I just cant wait for it to be shipped here. Anyway, thanks again.

hope to hear something new about my order. thanks”

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Finally, after months of googling at almost every doll in every doll website that i found, I finally settled on the one who literally captured my heart. Nope, its no boy doll….its a girl.

Although i have long decvided to settle on the LISHE doll from LUTS, I left room for considerations for other dolls. I even considered the SOO doll from LUTS, Angelic Scars- EVE LE from Dollmore, Nikita Asha from Dollmore and many more. But oh well, the LISHE doll is far more pretty than those dolls. *peace*

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