Make way for a new Digi-cam

December 29, 2006

My mom and I went to The Block a while ago to pick up the new cam that they bought for me this Christmas. It was not given to me on Christmas day since it was still ordered and had arrived late 😦

 Anywho, i know having a new cam is not a big deal for most people ( since all they care about is if they are “cute” in the picture or whatever ) , but as for me, i’d rather be the “behind-the-scenes” girl. I never wanted to see myself in pictures because all i see are “glitches” in myself. ( which is weird ) To compensate for that, I try my best to capture great photographs and this cam is going to help me achieve just that ^_^

It has a whooping 10.1 mega pixels ( the highest one to date ) and a big touch screen menu. You could even edit pictures with its “Paint” feature…..Gawd, i’ll tire my hands out by typing all of its Pro’s ….the bottom line is that : ITS FREAKING COOL!.

 Here is a picture of the cam that i got from the net. The picture does not do justice to the cam, it is more pretty and cute in the flesh. *Toink*

Click Away!!

Good timing too, Just in time for the Dollmeet Tomorrow! Wee 🙂


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