I became fascinated with these BJDs when i was in my third year in high school. It all started when i began searching for “Gackt and Hyde“( yes, im such a YAOI fangirl of these two guys. haha ) pictures in the net and i stumbled upon pictures of two dolls that were posing as “Gackt” and “Hyde”. I didn’t know what they were at first but i was really smitten by them.

I’m not really a “doll” lover ( I was not a fanatic of Barbies back then or even those Porcelain dolls that are scary. T.T ), but these BJDs ( Ball Joint Dolls ) are totally an exemption! They were not ORDINARY dolls….

Because of the help from many friends that i met online and in person who also shares my enthusiasm for these dolls, i was able to find these “lost souls” and i discovered my love for them again. Also because of the support of my family, friends and others..i was able to buy my very first BJD…..

Name: Ashe Celestine

Type/Mold: Cerberus Project Normal Skin Lishe

Face up: By LUTS

Modifications: Ear pierced by LUTS

Eyes: 18mm Acrylic Cobalt ( shades of Blue and Green )

Citizenship: I really have no idea but Celes insists that she is part Korean and part Japanese. That explains her very much Asian eyes.

Arrival: May 24, 2006

Likes: Anything candy coated, milk, strawberry, asian food, oreos, cute stuff, lollipop and anything PINK!

Personality: Ashe is really playful but gets quiet when there are strangers nearby. She has very childlike preferences and acts like a dominant spoiled kid. Ashe enjoys being photographed and likes to go out a lot. Being my very first BJD, she gets a little possessive and always wants the attention.


Her first name is read as “Ash-ae” not “Ashhhh”..it was supposed to be french-y but since it was so hard to find the character “~” to place above the “e” in Ashe, people just called her “Ash”… and i still find it cute. Because of the others calling her “Ash”…they even think that her name is “Ashley” but its not ^_^ hihi

The first name Ashe is from the name “Ashelia”… the name of the lead female character in Final Fantasy XII. The Celestine part came from the anime “Ayashi no Ceres” which is really really close to my heart. Because the anime soundtrack for the anime was “Celestial“( meaning heavenly body ). I just manipulated the term a bit so it could fit a girl’s name.

When i found the sites that sold great BJDs , i was really torn between a LOT of great great molds out there. I was even considering an MSD-size BJD that had interchangable types of ears, devil-type and a lot more. But the LISHE mold was just PURE LOVE. I looked her up in forums and other sites and she was just BEAUTIFUL in anything! Change her eyes, clothes,hair, face-up…she was just awesome!

Name: Ezekiel Kamui Xiege

Type/Mold: Cerberus Project Normal Skin EL

Face up: By LUTS

Eyes: 18mm silicone SOOM Vampire Eyes

Citizenship: There is so much that i still don’t know about him and this is one of them. He tells me that he doesn’t even remember where he came from…

Arrival: December 21, 2006

Likes: Zeki likes to read and is very addicted to reading fictional novels that he gets from my own mini-“library” at home. He enjoys listening to a variety of emo music and most of the time gets so lost in his own world… making him very quiet at times. Likes to read poetry and appreciate art.

Personality: He is such a quiet boy but is really really attached to me. Even though Ashe treats her as her boytoy, Zeki still takes care of her especially when she gets into trouble. Keeps his feelings of despair all to himself and prefers to suffer alone than tag everyone in suffering with him. Because he lost his memory upon arriving in my household, he thinks that he is such a nuisance. T.T


Zeki’s three names have their own origins and meanings for me. For Ezekiel, i got this name from the bible. This was because i got so engrossed in reading for my Theology class because of our love/hate relationship and i just wanted to remind myself of my pains and joys that time. The name is so unique too and has a great impact. Kamui is of vital importance here since i got this name from my all time favorite japanese singer and my ULTIMATE CRUSH, GACKT CAMUI. So yeah i just changed the “C” in Camui and turned it to “K”. His last name, Xiege, came from the word “Siege”….which , for me, represents his brave and sometimes “evil” side. Because we had this hobby in highschool to turn all our “s” into “X’s” i also used this here for his third name.



Name: Leeca Ishtair

Type/Mold: Limited Edition elf head Juri version 2006

Face up: none yet

Eyes: none yet

Citizenship: An elf princess

Arrival: December 21, 2006

Likes: Leeca likes anything punky, gore and violence. She enjoys watching war and action flicks. Being a bit bratty, she and Ashe get along very well. Unlike Ashe, she is not immature and take things very seriously.

Personality: Leeca “Code L” is a hired assassin and enjoys anything that is bloody and gory. She tells me that she wants to rule the world and make everyone bow to her power ( except me, of course ).


Unlike my other two BJDs, Leeca is not “complete” yet. She still needs a decent face-up and a body. I still don’t know when i’ll be able to complete her since her body costs a lot as well. She will have to wait a bit before she gets really “functional” and be included in my doll photoshoots. ^_^

Leeca’s name came from one of the songs by GACKT ( which he tells people is his favorite song from all his songs ). The other name, Ishtair, came from a name of a high school friend. Her name sounds really unique and nice…as if that person is enveloped with elegance and serenity.


BJD Wishlist

If you think i will stop collecting BJD after this, you are DEAD WRONG. I still have a lot of BJDs that i would like to buy after i get enough money or I get some decent side-line job or whatever! I’m getting these critters no matter what! 🙂



















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