Happy Birthday Celes!!

June 10, 2006

Since Ara didn’t have any internet connection for the last 5 days, she was not able to post any new pictures of me, specially on my birthday. T.T

Even though I arrived weeks ago, specifically May 24 , i celebrated my birthday last June 8 at Ara’s house. Why June 8? I don’t have any idea but Ara says that she likes the number 8 so i shall have it as my birthday. ^_^

Wah!! I’m sooo happy, Ara and her Ate Kristine made me two cute pair of outifts. One is the mexican look with matching leg warmers and a pretty summer stripe outfit. Ara pestered her Ate Kristine to help her make the outfits since I don’t have any official outfit yet. haha. Now, i love my master so. ^_^ I hope she makes me more outfits. Wee~


Wahh! Forgot to tell that Ara gave me a turtle earring. It has come to my attention that she loves these critters so she gave me one as well. I loves it!! It even came all the way from Australia! Wee~ It matches my eye color too. ^_~

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