Canada Hiatus

April 19, 2005

wah! long time no update!! i was just preoccupied with many things.

We are already in Vancouver,Canada. haha… i feel like my bones are already freezing because of the unusual cold.

i am already missing my kada ( tropang tutong as we call ourselves ). Most especially my dadie!!! for *he is the only one in the kada…who is updated with my current life. Rem ( bestieh ) knows about it too although she does not belong to the kada.

i heard that Sir Sy Beng will already teach in UST. He will be teaching the Nursing students by the way. This makes me want to transfer to this school as soon as possible. But the thought of seeing Armo and Yael made me reconsider at once.:)

By the way to all my cosplay tropa…i shall, yet again, recycle my monk costume and i will use it in june for the raganarok championship.Dang! Whenever i think about it, i always feel weird for i will dress up in that silly costume again. Now i am thinking of cosplaying “RITZ” from final fantasy tactics advanced in the GBA. She is the pink-haired girl who is the sort-of “friend” of the main character “MARCHE”. Kim, please reconsider on cosplaying marche. I know you will cosplay him very well indeed. Same hair length and same height, what more could you ask for? Maybe you still want to cosplay Tamahome or Tomo from fushigi yuugi. They are cute characters as well.

Fine. I shall post a pic of Marche and Ritz here then so you can see Marche, kim. haha

Image hosted by

this is marche, kim. He is gorgeous!!! He is a blondie, i know. But he rocks all in all!!

Image hosted by

This is ritz, the one i am planning to cosplay. She is one hell of a pink-haired chick. After i saw this pic, i just had to drop my big crush, avril lavigne. She rocks my weirdness world…no more!!! haha.

!…But i am not giving up my GACKT! he is a god. dang…but he is already 40….and i don’t care a bit. Age aint nothing but a number,sweetie. “Hell” is bothering me again. The fact that he was born is the biggest mistake he ever did. I wish he would drop dead before me so i could sneer at his bloody face and cackle like a madman. That would be ultimate pleasure. May he stop torturing me by reminding me of his existence.

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My life sucks….NOT!

April 8, 2005

sorry again for another late post! i have been doing a lot lately (including a work provided by my dad).

Things are pretty back to normal:
–> i have my report card already ( which ms.______ threatened us that she will “hold” it )
–> i can now update my ipod “pagong”.
–> the computer “pags” is running with more haste.
–> i have confirmed my slot in Ateneo ( so there are no worries anymore that my slot will be taken by others)
–> i have finished watching the 4-cd dvd movie entitled “Thorn Birds” ( shit!! best romantic movie ever! this made my eyes swell from crying)
–> we will be leaving my beloved “Philippines” in 10 days.haha..vacation at last!
–> i already updated my brother’s ipod shuffle!! yahoo!
–> i found my long lost cd ( really!! after 4 yrs..i found it again!) in kobe’s room. ( i still don’t know how did it get there though)

but there are still things that bothers me…things that are not that good:
–> first….i ran out of credits for my cellphone!! ( dang!!)
–> i got a 90.6 average for the 4th qtr. and there was not a BIT of recognition from tpaul ( favoritism IS present in tpaul)
–> my CLOSEST cousins already migrated to the U.S. but i’m hoping to see them soon.
–> my angel sanctuary cd 1 missing. darn!
–> i can’t play sims 2!!!! dang!

sorry about the rantings! i just have to let it out *smiles*
We will be leaving for Canada in the next 10 days..for a 1 month vaction there. i’m going to miss you guys!! e

Now, the catholic church is a wreck! Without the pope, they don’t do anything but to pray and stuff. I feel for those millions of christians who look up to Pope John Paul II as their father…and as someone that is a very close representation of christ himself. Rumors say that the next pope will be from a third world country…and it will be a black person. Maybe from africa or something.

Love is complicated and often falters. They may make you feel you are in “paradiso” or in “hell”( whenever things go wrong). 

We went to Ateneo last monday to confirm my slot there. When we got to the admissions office, one of the staff told us to photocopy my report card and birth certificate in the rizal library. shit!! the library was huge! as in super HUGE!! The library in st. paul only looks like a “section” there when compared to their library! It has 2 floors! There are computers, fully air-conditioned and has these “super antique” books that are twice as big as the big dictionary in the library in saint paul. I also had my picture taken for the i.d.!! cool! We also have this freshmen seminar on june 7-9. It will include, campus tours and stuff. great! haha

My dad told me that he will be enrolling me to a driving school this week. although i don’t know if it will push through. But even though i DO learn to drive, he will still not let me drive until i’m 18. So its just like an emergency stuff.dang!

maybe this post is already long enough to make an entry…so ta-ta for now. I still have to browse for pictures for “pagong” the ipod. haha

Jillian by Spongecola ( technically by Chris Cantada )

I can’t explain this
It’s hard to understand
I try but I’m lost
Mesmerized by her
That look will surely stay
She smiles at every face, even mine

But, why doesn’t she see me in this empty room?
Does she think about you when you do, when you do?

I try to walk that same hill next to you
I try to be that missing part of you

I tremble as I wait
In these busy, city fields
I see a million stares at me

Anxiously looking
Finding the right time to see
If that sign you’re looking for, will lead to me

But, don’t you see what you’re doing to me?
Can’t you see that I’ve been dealt by this, dealt by you?

I guess I’ll always do

I try to shut them
Blurring this picture from my head
But even in the dark, you are there

ja ne people!