YOU are missed.

January 12, 2008

I so miss someone right now. T_T
click the cut to know who. ^_~ 

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Troubled and Jealous

June 20, 2007

Because there was no Philo class today…i got up pretty late…like 12:00 nn. ^_^

Well actually i set my alarm to 9:00 am but when it alarmed i adjusted the alarm to 10:00 am then it alarmed again….. and yeah, i adjusted and adjusted until i got up at 12:00 nn.. Tsk Tsk Tsk…bad bad habit. *punches herself square on the face*

Before leaving, my mom handed me my own CREDIT CARD! A GOLD one at that! LOL. Wee~ I’m soo happy!! * Happy Happy Joy Joy mode* Now i could buy those handsome books in National Bookstore or get myself some Fraps in Starbucks. LOVE IT! Ihaven’t used it yet though because:

1) It is my first time to use a credit card

2) I’m scared to use it. lol. 

I left home a little past 1 pm ( my chem class starts at 3:30 pm ) to avoid the freaking traffic….but knowing Manila…..THERE IS ALWAYS TRAFFIC. While i was fiddling with my stereo and trying to find a decent station to listen to while stuck in the hell traffic, i saw this dashing PINK SUZUKI SWIFT! This is one of the cars that i like because it resembles a mini cooper! Coolness. Here is a picture of it :

I know this is not a good angle, but wah… i love the car! ^_^ ( note: the car is not mine, ok? Its some random car i saw while stuck in traffic. haha )

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January 21, 2005

*currently listening to Hideto Takarai’s roentgen album…its super morbid!
” i have so many things to shout to you….”<– one of the lines that i really like…

Anyway..this not that good either…the computer class was a bum…even though i understood the new lesson ( finally!), my artistic sense didn’t work at all so i ended up with a lousy form!!! all i did was a blinking mickey mouse!!!! sh*t!!!

I’m still studying for the bible quiz bee(again…) on wednesday..damn..i still can’t understand Paul’s letters!!! And Mrs. Buen (our team captain *barfs*) said that i should make notes and reproduce it so my teammates can study my part of the bible too…damnation has consumed me again…

the eco class was good enough to be not boring…and filipino…was great because i got the chance to eat my oatmeal bar,for ms.cua was out and just gave us notes to copy….

i liked the math class (as usual) because i fully understood the new lesson about intersecting lines and fnding their point of intersection!!! woohoo….great great numbers…i just love geometric algebra!!!!!!!!! (i’m not sure if that is the correct term though)

i’m feeling super hungry now…but there is no food yet…argghhh!!

*curretnly listening to Hello by Hyde..and maybe later i’ll listen to his “words of love” ( don’t let the title fool you, it’s full of inner angst!!)

while me and ian were sitting in the benches there and waiting for my carpool in the covered walkway in the college department, some juniors were also walking in towards the opposite direction and were pushing one of their kada towards us and shouting “ate, may crush sayo o!”…feeling exasperated, me and ian just winked and shrugs it off we know they were just acting stupid and were just having the time of their life…

nywei..we are goint to 8 waves on saturday and sunday…and that means 2 days of internet depriviation ( am i right?? ) and i won’t be able to update!!! hell!!!!

Klaha (Malice Mizer)
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klaha!! but i still like Gackt more than you!! but you have a nice body and a cool voice too!!

Oh dear... You're Yazoo!!!



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bishie alert!!!! bishie alert!!!! bishie alert!!! *swoons*

You’re Gackt ….You sex Fiend you!

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shoot!! Gackt is soo sexy here!!!


time to go./…got to watch some movie with my siblings!!!