Musuem Trippings Part 1

December 3, 2006

Me and my blockmates ( pia, caly, clang, mich, sam, tj and karl ) went to the national museum and some places in Intramuros. The agreed time of meeting was 9 am , but guess what? we left Ateneo a little before 10. ahahaha As usual, Filipino time. But then again, I was already there waiting for them at about 8 am. Why did arrive so early?!? Well, I thought that we might encounter some traffic, so I left my house at about 7:30 am. Arghhh, i forgot that it was Sunday and there is no traffic at these times during this day!! Geez. Sometimes my being O.C about time is going to drive me nuts. Seriously.

On our way to the musuems, we encountered super-mega traffic around recto, good thing, karl and our driver knew how to work their way through that thing. ^_^ ahahaha, i can’t stand traffic! you see, im a very impatient driver. *evil sneer* Probably if i had a gun resting peacefully inside my car, i swear i could have killed a lot of drivers 🙂 *smiles*

Upon arriving at the National musuem, my blockmates immediately took photos of the floorplan of the museum. ^_______________^ Bwahahaha, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case Sir Ambeth decides to give the floorplan as a quiz for us later. haha The national musuem was quite cool in every sense of the word. You could really see the effort in making those backdrops and the artifacts as well. I was not really bored. ^_^ But geez, what’s with the pots, pots , pots and more pots?? I don’t really get it, why are the pots so essential in our history anyway? They look the same to me though, except for their sizes and shapes. ahahaha

What i really appreciated in that museum were the art section wherein they display these works of art from various artists. The paintings were all nice! I love “the ad“, “panata” and “course“. See these pantings for yourself and the feelings and emotions just gush out. They were great, too bad they didn’t win ( except for “the ad” which was one of the juror’s choice ).

After this, we went to Mcdo to eat, since most of us were getting all dizzy and wasted. ahahaha ^_^ The eating moments with these guys are always memorable. Their eating-related stories were ….damn, cool.

Inside San Agustin Church ( the ceiling )

Off we went to the San Agustin Church musuem , where we paid a whooping P50 ( but we did get free marie biscuits. ahaha ) just for the entrance fee. Darn it. I was literally stripped off of money!!!! wah!! Hmm…, the museum was boring compared to the National museum. Not to mention hot! geez. ^_^

After laughing our hearts out because of some of the artifacts and other things, we stumbled upon the choir place located at the sort of “attic” of the church. There we saw large chairs for the choir, a large choir bok ( music sheets, whatever. ahha ) and a large “piano”.

Bamboo Organ? *sweatdrop*

The BIG Coro book

I forgot what they call those things. ahahaaha *_* I was enjoying the scene below ( a couple was going to be married or something. I’m not sure if it was just a rehearsal or the real thing! ahaha ), “CANON in D” started to play!!!!! Darn it, i felt all emo and all that!! WAH! I don’t like to be emo anymore!! There Sam, Tj and me suddenly started blurting out our wedding plans in the future! ahahaha It was quite funny and weird at the same time. 🙂

Group Pic!L to R: Sam, Teej, Pia, Karl, Caly, Mich and me ( look at that hair…LONG )

We were supposed to go to Casa Manila next, but it was closed due to some event later. So we went to Fort Santiago instead, but then again, it was closed because of some Marian parade or something. ( it was kind of sponsored by radio Veritas ). Since the people were really tired and they ( including me ) wanted to go home already, we got back to Ateneo , and eventually went home.  🙂


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