wahh!! long time no update!!! sh*t! I just had a lot of things that i did ( specially in research)..anyway..have you seen the live-action series of “GTO” (Great Teacher Onizuka)?? It’s really great!! But it only has 6 episodes. The one who played Eikichi Onizuka is really cute!! His name is Takashi Sorimachi!!! he’s really cool!! i love the way he express himself! very Onizuka-like!! hehe!

Anyway..we went to “Edward Teng” yesterday for my Grad Ball gown…it took us an hour and a half to find the right design. Good thing that i got to pick the color i want. I really wanted it to be black, but i realized that many people will go in black so i decided to pass for that. Then i thought of hot pink, which was the color that i really hate but i will just wear it to make people feel irritated. But hell! Almost all the girlies in our batch are going to wear pink…so…there, i suddenly said to myself..”Why not combine them to make them unique”…and i said to the designer to make the gown with the color combination of pink and black!! Rarely used, simple but unique!! It’s going to be the last time to be with my friends so i decided not to take a partner with me ( burden!! If he pays for his own food..then..maybe..oh well…)

I got my weekly cleaning this 3pm. Still painful as usual!! dang!! Sometimes i wonder if i could just magic my zits off my face!!

This saturday class was a bummer to death!! We only had 1 teacher..ms. tan!! The physics seatwork really made my brains work ( which was rarely happening nowadays…). All our answers should be in sentence form ( which means we have to explain concepts in physics in our own understanding!) The computer seatwork was…well…weird!…Should i really know how to code Visual Basic in order to live and have a good job????? I’m not interested in I.T. anyway!! I like to take up Medicine, dang it!!


uhmm…hi peeps…anyway..before i make a post, let me greet everyone a very

—–Happy Valentines Day—–

 I hope everyone is happy and are having the time of their lives.!!

My dad bought me a flower and 6 doughnuts ( the valentine something…i forgot) today because its valentine!! awww…how sweet. Actually we already had our “date” yesterday in Eastwood. We went to the arcade together and we played the “motion-sensor” game ( where you use your hands to…like..”wipe out” the 2 circles in front of you..i really forgot what they call those!!)..hehe…anyway..Eastwood was a blast!! the food was great! ( we treated ourselves to some starbucks) and i even bought a HIDE MATSUMOTO plushie!!!!!! yokatta!!!!! its soooo kawaii!!!!!!

I just want to greet my friend out there…..myke…

☺Happy Birthday Myke!! ☺

and may you have more birthdays to come!!! wahhh!! you’re getting older!!!! anyway..goodluck with your studies, man! Hope to see you there next school year!! heheI had some fun with the “Arnis” in our P.E. period. I felt like being a kendo student and swatting my enemies into pieces…harharhar!!

to Doms…my “ka-on” hehe….( she’s no wife of mine..nor husband either..so i’ll refer to her as my “ka-on” for the meantime!) Happy to us!!! It’s 14 dear!!! hehe

Asawa coh!! Doms!!!

Happy 3rd year anniversary my dear!!!!!Imagine…we have been together for 3 yrs now and we are still getting through LIFE!!! haha!!

Well there you go.. i still have a lot of things to do..so bye for now!!

We went to Belo ( tomas morato) this morning to get my face cleaned and undergo another laser treatment ( damn! it was wickedly painful!)

Anyway, after that me and my mom went to rockwell and headed straight to fully booked! ( my favorite place in the world!!)…I bought 3 books today. “Barry Trotter and the unnecessary sequel”, “Barry trotter and the dead horse” and “City of ember”. The barry trotter books are the unauthorized parody of harry potter books by Michael Gerber ( he is currently being sued by harry potter fanatics). After that we went to Girbaud and my mom bought a black handbag ( it was nice but i dont like hadbags)…and uhmmm..i bought…(ahem!)..a skirt. It was not a mini skirt, but its just up to the knee..hehe..it’s my 3rd skirt in my lifetime. ( wow!!). It goes to show that i’m not really girlie or something. Rockwell is nice but it’s stores are for “conyos” only. One store sells this rolex watches with a whooping price of almost 500,000 pesos!!!!! Talk about unreasonable pricing! I am still under serious hangover so please bear with me, and don’t mind my rantings

…uhmmm..Rem!!! goodluck with your insanity 101 pitas account!! i hope you can come up with a great layout!!! *crosses fingers*!!! Now my mom baked a cassava cake!! wahh!! i want one!! but i’m on a “no-sugar” diet. So now, i’m not looking at it so i’ll not be tempted!! haha!!

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..Just got back from school and my head hurts like hell..anyway..sorry if my post here is a bit disoriented because a serious kind of hangover has gotten over me till now. I got back from the gig at 4:00 am so i was really groggy then. I tried to wake up at 5:00 for the classes that day, but my body was longing for a decent sleep so i just slumped back to bed and slept again. I was thinking of not going to school but i still had a lot of to do so i went to school at 9:00 am where they were having a mass( ash wednesday) that time. When i got to seat already with my friends, i immediately told them what happened ( they thought i was absent?!) and swooned every minute while i told them my experience in Padi’s point!!! But before that, i received a BIG letter from La Salle and there was a magazine there about their school ( obviously!) I like their theater!! But they didn’t have a picture of their library!! dang!! but if ever I’m going to that school, i will immediately visit its library!!! Yipee!!

ok, let me relate what happened!! ( dream come true peeps!!)

When i got back from school ( yesterday) i just updated my blog and slept already. I woke up at about 9:45 pm and got dressed to go to Padi’s. We got there at 10:45 pm and just ate a LOT of nachos. Me and my brother drank some Cali, which was surprisingly delicious!( no beer for kids yet! hehe) It was already 11:00 pm and Paroks were not there yet, then the manager of Padi’s ( kuya Miko!! tenkyu!!!) whispered to my mom that paroks was outside already and was just waiting for the crew to set-up their guitars, amplifiers, drum and distortions ( i’m not really sure what they call those things that guitarists step on to produce high pitched sounds when performing) We went outside immediately and saw them!!! wahhh!! I thought i was going to faint!! ( am i over acting already??!!) Then kuya miko introduced me to Chito and he shook my hand!! I was already shaking on where i stood! Then i asked him to sign my poster and 2 cds and he thanked me endlessly and told me to support all opm bands, not just them ( playing humble, eh?) Then i asked, din-din, Darius, Buwi and Gab to sign the poster too and the cds. Bad luck!! Vinch was not there!! Chito said that he was studying for something and he can’t attent the gig! dang!! i wanted to see him too!! They started performing at about 12:00 and finished at about 3:00 am..not sure. My conclusion with this event is that they are really great performers!! ( i bow down before your great skills!!) And all of them are super approachable, specially Chito an Din-din!! super humble and they are just like casual friends of mine, even though we just met that day. Before they sang “chickinini”, Chito asked my age ( i was in the front row!) and referred to me as “kid” and that i wasn’t supposed to listen to that song because it was “bastos kasi e”. After that, he said sorry to me, thinking that i got offended in some way ( but really, i wasn’t!! i took it as a joke!! hehe) But even though i said that it was alright…he sang “sori na” for those he has offended that night. awww!!! cool!! And even before we went home he said sorry again and another sorry because their songs are “bastos”. * ultimate bliss!!!* To my mom and dad, tenkyu!!!! 21 gun salute for the both of you!!! How about Rivermaya, next time or Spongecola?!?! joke!!

do you want me to post some pics??!?!?, just click on the links to view some of the pics!!

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

February 8, 2005

hey guys…um…the day was QUITE well..but all the things that happened is senseless.

We started the day with the freakin CL class. Then with music. Ms. Bernardo handed the acceptance letters for La Salle to our music teacher , but she didn’t gave it to us, because she was fuming with rage.( because of reasons you know already).

Then with a great discussion in our Physics and Fil. Ms. Cua was having a cool discussion about the “may daigdig sa karagatan” and when no one will raise their hands to recite she will gave this certain glare at me and call my name like this:

” ara! ano naman ang sa tingin mo ang blah blah blah…”


And that time i was thinking of something else but i still answered her question well. After that she called me again for no reason at all ( maybe because no one was reciting yet again…) and i still answered it!! way to go ms.cua!! I’ll be by your side when no one seems to be listening to you!!! hehe!! joke!! this drama of mine will get me nowhere!!! hehe

Then we had 2 periods with Ms. Tan but thank goodness, they had a meeting and our class just chatted the hours away till dismissal. Before that Ms. Dolor handed the acceptance letters to us. The letter was nice and prepared quite well. Drat!! I have to pay a whooping 5k for the reservation fee there!!! dang it! And they still need the 4th qtr card..what for?? Are they not satisfied with my other grades ( which are not that good anyway )

wahh!!! i’m so excited for tonights big event!!! Inuman Sessions people!!! I’ll be able to watch it!! *dances around the room* I even prepared my 2 cds of parokya ( the inuman sessions cd and vcd) and my bigotilyo poster for the autograph signing!!!! wah!!! can’t wait!!!!

anyway, i still have to sleep so i won’t get groggy later for the gig!!! yipee!! hehe

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long time no update..drat…sorry about that..it’s just that i have been very busy with our thesis and the dreading defense next week ( damn!! it’s next week already!!…*sigh*)

…anyway…new layout people!!! I got tired with the old layout of mine..because it’s too simple and common in the “blogging community”…..now it features the wacky characters of Kingdom Hearts..i think i’ll be working on “ragnarok” or “final fantasy xii” or yet, ” Advent children” for my next layout..anyway…

Wahh!!! i’m so excited for tommorow’s inuman session in Padi’s Point!!! wah!! Parokya ni Edgar!!!! *faints*!!! ( i am a common stupid fangirl waiting to be kicked back to reality..)

the day went well today ( weird…). I answered those mind boggling seatwork in our computer class. Finished all the questions in our math quiz ( i just hope that i get all the answers right…) Physics class was not that good because Sir Sy Beng got mad at us again for some of the usual reasons i don’t want to post here. filipino?…hmm…nice but boring to death. Eco?….same..the only thing that i didn’t want this day is our research class. Ms. tan talked to our group and told me this exact sentence that i will never forget…

” Sandel, pwedeng bumaba yang grades mo kung di kikilos yang mga members mo…”

wahh!!! what wil i do now?!??! she also said that i can fail this 4th qtr. if we can’t defend right…argghh!!! i really hate this subject!!! i hope DECS or the school itself will abolish this subject!! i hate it!! again..i hate it!!!!!

i’ll post again next time, if i have time….ja ne!!