*still incomplete and under construction*

If you want me to link you up in my site, just buzz me by replying in this post. 🙂 Or if you already changed your url, buz me up as well! ^_^


Irene Calma

Dyan Lagasca

Rem Reloj

Melissa Mayuga

Paula Manabat

Noelle Reloj

Monika Ortega I

Monika Ortega II  

Me-Ann Guina

Angela Tolentino

Kim Naranja



*Cosplay Community*

Ronald Guanzon

Hazel Velas

Riasa Aguilar

Arthur Doctolero

Joy Bordador

Jac Ting Lim



Trisha Valera

Janeca Naboya

Gerry Alcantara

Jay Alim

Glenn Alog

Karl Solidum

Patricia Santos

Angelo Dantes

Mark Alcantara

Ana Mayor


Random links of people ^_^ wooh!

Chona in the City




Cool sites!







One Response to “Links”

  1. Joy Says:

    Just wanted to say na… best friend ko po si Aileen Martin. v^_^v

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