I try to be that missing part of you…..I guess i’ll always do

February 7, 2005

long time no update..drat…sorry about that..it’s just that i have been very busy with our thesis and the dreading defense next week ( damn!! it’s next week already!!…*sigh*)

…anyway…new layout people!!! I got tired with the old layout of mine..because it’s too simple and common in the “blogging community”…..now it features the wacky characters of Kingdom Hearts..i think i’ll be working on “ragnarok” or “final fantasy xii” or yet, ” Advent children” for my next layout..anyway…

Wahh!!! i’m so excited for tommorow’s inuman session in Padi’s Point!!! wah!! Parokya ni Edgar!!!! *faints*!!! ( i am a common stupid fangirl waiting to be kicked back to reality..)

the day went well today ( weird…). I answered those mind boggling seatwork in our computer class. Finished all the questions in our math quiz ( i just hope that i get all the answers right…) Physics class was not that good because Sir Sy Beng got mad at us again for some of the usual reasons i don’t want to post here. filipino?…hmm…nice but boring to death. Eco?….same..the only thing that i didn’t want this day is our research class. Ms. tan talked to our group and told me this exact sentence that i will never forget…

” Sandel, pwedeng bumaba yang grades mo kung di kikilos yang mga members mo…”

wahh!!! what wil i do now?!??! she also said that i can fail this 4th qtr. if we can’t defend right…argghh!!! i really hate this subject!!! i hope DECS or the school itself will abolish this subject!! i hate it!! again..i hate it!!!!!

i’ll post again next time, if i have time….ja ne!!


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