White Day

March 14, 2008

 OMG! I forgot to greet people. Its HAPPY WHITE DAY everybody! 
I know its not really a big deal here in the Philippines, but me and my japanese-crazy friends still think this day is still meaningful. Although, i think i just so failed today because i forgot about it and was only reminded when i saw my friend’s stat message in YM 😦 Oh my….
( I got a cute little gift though. XD ) ^___________________^ Thankies.  
Forgot? God, i was just so stressed out since late last night. I was studying for our Stat long test ( Oh my, i think i just flunked that one. T____T ) and I still had to do a PHILO paper ( our last one for this sem, maybe forever under Sir Tolentino. huhu ). I wasn’t able to start anything last night and only started to read the freaking readings/notes and stuff TODAY. @_@ Fortunately, there was no philo and i was still able to cram . But still…. ACK..SOUP!!! 
Oh yeah, i so miss cosplaying for some reason 😦 It has always been my number 1 frustration since God knows when…. it’s like i can’t devote most of time to what i love most because of school 😦
I also miss BURGOO CHEESECAKE!!!!! 😦 I want one like NOW. T_______T  

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