I’m caught in suspension

March 17, 2008

I still feel quite groggy because me and clang stayed up late last night to watch two episode of PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN 😀 Ohhh, Yamapi goodness ^_^ And of course we were talking about “emo” and “acads” stuff , just because. Its so fun having someone sleep over 😀 fellow-Yamapi-fangirl, lets do this again. LOL   And wow, Clang introduced me to two bands today : Mae and Death Cab for Cutie. 😀 Effing awesome music!! Woot XD      Amidst all this happiness, i think i NEED  a good cry 😦 Probably, I’m just thinking and expecting too much about everything, its in my nature.  T_T So not good 😦  But….: 

I’m wanting this for sure
and I’ll beg for nothing more.
I’ll plan all day and drive all night 
you’ll love what’s in store.
I can’t seem to stop this now
even if it’s not so clear, 
and I’ll take what I can get.
If you want me here (If you want me here) 
~ Suspension by Mae 
Say anything, but say what you mean.  
(*shots herself. Still have biochem reporting in a while! FOCUS! )  



One Response to “I’m caught in suspension”

  1. Trisha Says:

    You don’t update your blog anymore 😦

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