Troubled and Jealous

June 20, 2007

Because there was no Philo class today…i got up pretty late…like 12:00 nn. ^_^

Well actually i set my alarm to 9:00 am but when it alarmed i adjusted the alarm to 10:00 am then it alarmed again….. and yeah, i adjusted and adjusted until i got up at 12:00 nn.. Tsk Tsk Tsk…bad bad habit. *punches herself square on the face*

Before leaving, my mom handed me my own CREDIT CARD! A GOLD one at that! LOL. Wee~ I’m soo happy!! * Happy Happy Joy Joy mode* Now i could buy those handsome books in National Bookstore or get myself some Fraps in Starbucks. LOVE IT! Ihaven’t used it yet though because:

1) It is my first time to use a credit card

2) I’m scared to use it. lol. 

I left home a little past 1 pm ( my chem class starts at 3:30 pm ) to avoid the freaking traffic….but knowing Manila…..THERE IS ALWAYS TRAFFIC. While i was fiddling with my stereo and trying to find a decent station to listen to while stuck in the hell traffic, i saw this dashing PINK SUZUKI SWIFT! This is one of the cars that i like because it resembles a mini cooper! Coolness. Here is a picture of it :

I know this is not a good angle, but wah… i love the car! ^_^ ( note: the car is not mine, ok? Its some random car i saw while stuck in traffic. haha )

First subject: Chemistry. Got a freaking quiz and i didn’t get it right! Damn it. I even studied the past lessons but i still didn’t get it. Argh… when it really comes to quizzes, my mind gets so BLANK that i couldn’t imagine anyone being dumber than me. *sigh*…Better luck next time?…geez….

So much for the one hour FUN class….. Me, Darryl and Gie walked back to the parking near the cov courts after the chem class to go home. Blah…the traffic inside ADMU was terrible and having rained so hard, the traffic got even worse.

Its entrance exam days again and i’m getting stressed out even though I’m not taking the exams. Because i have a graduating brother and cousin, I was tasked to take care of the application forms, xeroxing stuffs and all that. Gawd, Hassle. I didn’t even felt this stress back when I WAS THE ONE who will be having those entrance exams. Aside from that, they will take entrance exams on not just four schools ( sort of like the big four of the universities in the Philippines: UP, ADMU, DLSU and UST ) like I did back then…. but EIGHT or even NINE and that makes the preparation twice as hard. *sigh*….

Them being undecided on their courses doesn’t help either….*cries*….goodness

Solemn plea of a distressed big sister: God just help them land in a GOOD SCHOOL. Forget Ateneo or even UP, if they really can’t make it… but just please….HELP THEM. T.T




Because i wanted to bond with my parents yesterday before sleeping, i went to their room and stayed there until like 11:30 pm. Hahaha. Since i missed watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 ( I just updated myself with the happenings in the house by reading the official website…. yeah, i know pathetic… argh… haha ) , all of us watched the episode yesterday. All i could say for this episode was:



Yep, YOU! Ms. Wendy Valdez

Pardon the sudden burst of flames here but after watching the episode yesterday…i just started to HATE her! Yes she is HOT, SEXY and all that but that does not give her the right to be so MEAN to other people. Gawd, don’t blame others for your own insecurities and your own faults. Damn…. I so wish that she doesn’t get included to the Big 4. I know she needs the prize but she DOESN’T DESERVE IT. That’s that.

And no you are not being “True”….you are just being mean. Are you so narrow minded that you equate being “truthful” or “honest” to being “insecure” and “immature”. Brush up on your morals, young lady. You seem to forget GOOD MORAL VALUES. You might have corrupted the PBB house but you can’t brainwash me by your being “Nagpapakatao“. Gawd…. pathetic


So much for that.I hate her so much that she got a spot in my entry.How cool is that?

So have you heard of the SUPER BAND –> SKIN?

This is the band that is suddenly catapulted to fame because of its roster.: So who are the people behind it?


First up is GACKT! Sizzling Hotness to the extreme!!!!!! WAHHHH * fangirl scream* A former vocalist of Malice Mizer. Knowing that Gackt was one of the members of SKIN made me want to glomp him. haha


Sugizo…lead guitarist for LUNA SEA. I like his smexy guitar!! wooh!


The band’s founder Yoshiki. Former member of X-Japan.


Lastly –> MIYAVI..former member of Due le Quartz. Ohh… the beauty that is Miyavi…..

Too bad they haven’t decided on the fifth member ( bassist ) to complete the group. Even without the fifth member, this is like THE EXTREME JROCK GOODNESS.

Its so weird… all of them came from a disbanded band. LOLZ

YEAH! I am jealous because SKIN will be performing in Long Beach, California for the Anime Expo there. DAMN IT! Me wants to migrate to the United States RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

Why did it have to be them and not the Philippines. Maybe they don’t realize that they have a lot of fans here in the Philippines…a small group probably but a very dedicated group whose sole purpose in life is to ADORE THEM.



note: the pics here are not mine, they are from the net. ^_^







3 Responses to “Troubled and Jealous”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Wendy sucks…big time!

    Ang feeling niya. Haha.

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    yep. grrrr… a big B!!!

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