YOU are missed.

January 12, 2008

I so miss someone right now. T_T
click the cut to know who. ^_~ 

Gackt is so hot. I WANT HIM **Pouts**
I FREAKING MISSED THE GUY! ( seriously, do you guys miss your CRUSHES?! )
That’s probably the reason i went back to WordPress. I love my URL and quite thankful that no one thought of the cute name here and just took others that i wanted back then like “Strawberrycheesecake” and others.
And yeah, I raved about other hot asian guys i saw in asian series that i UNCONSCIOUSLY  have set him aside. I was into Matsujun, Ikuta Toma, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kwon Sang Woo and Gong Yoo among many others. T_T Damn, INFEDELITY, YOH! I could cry like now! I like those guys i mentioned but Gackt would still be on TOP. WAY WAY UP. 
For the past few days, i am on Gackt Crack. Meaning, i’ve been listening to a LOT of his songs ( currently they are in endless loop in my itunes 😀 ) I missed i missed i missed. 😀
Seeing recent pictures of him a while ago, I was struck with the same thought I had before when I first fangirl-ed over him:
“Is he HUMAN?” 
Because seriously, NO ONE is THIS PERFECT. XD This is probably the reason why I look at guys in a very different light. I’m so stuck with this image of PERFECTION that every guy spells FLAWS. Everybody has them, but you know, i haven’t found that person wherein I would LOVE the flaws as well as HE HIMSELF. @_@  

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