It has been ages! I really missed blogging! :(

May 31, 2007

Gawd, i missed blogging so much that i might just DIE. This will be my very FIRST ( official ) post in this new blog or “website”, whatever that might tickle your fancy. Its the end of the month too, just in time for a the brand new start! 🙂  

Played ROSE Online Evolution almost the whole day because….*drumroll*..i got freaking addicted! hahaha ^_^ Seriously, this has been the only online game that i got addicted to ( and yes, i NEVER got addicted in palying RO probably because there were too much people and it became TOO CROWDED ). Not to mention that its already FREE TO PLAY! Yep, it couldn’t get any better! ( well, if they give 2x exp or 2x drop rates, that would be cool too ^_^ )

 I missed playing this game 🙂 Good thing my old avatar named: GACKTLOVER in the Polaris server is still alive and even manages to laugh when i highlight her. By the way she’s a muse. ( Even has cute fairy wings and her own Arua fairy which is given to an avatar RANDOMLY! )

 From left to right: Gacktlover, Ohmygackt and Camui.

Side note: Now, why is my girl soldier jumping? . haha

I wanted to play her again but i think i got tired of having magicians/clerics or those kinds of characters who just attack the enemy from afar and deals minor damage to the enemy especially if the level is still TOO LOW. So i made another avatar, a girl still, to be a SOLDIER. Yes, i just realized that hacking and slashing monsters to pieces makes me HAPPY. Haahahahaha, i know, retarded. ^_^ ( Camui, by the way, is still in level 1 just because i haven’t played his character yet. I want him to undertake a hawker job or probably just a soldier again. haha )

Out of pure coincidence, i also met my blockmate’s ( Gian’s ) soldier. Argh, Why is he level 40 already and im just level 30 still??!?!?! NOHHH…. Too bad i didn’t get to see Mike’s avatar yet, just because i always log-in when he’s out. Boo. Now, that’s badluck. Tsk…

Glorfindel269 and Ohmygackt ( Matching outfits! )

After playing, i had a “lengthy” ( is there such a word, dear? ) chat with one of my close friends, Kirby. Argh, i miss him…I really need someone to share my frustrations with. The topic of the chat varied from school, lovelife ( this is quite staple in almost all our conversations ), future ( marriage, job and …! ) and random stuff in between. Really now, get back here in the Philippines! hahaha 🙂 You just have to be back! ^___^


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