Missing it

May 30, 2007


 Wordpress seems fun and sleek…..I might…..just might…consider this my new web “home”.


Geez, why didn’t i used wordpress until now? Its so organized and easy to use 🙂

I decided to transfer all my posts from my other sites in this account so it already has a lot in its archives even though i only started to create an account today. ^_^

 This site would be an all around blog ( by me and my dolls ) but the pictures would still be stored in my multiply site since its WAY easier to upload and post pictures there.

 In case you are wondering what the header means ( I was the one who created that crappy header by the way. ^_^ haha ) –> In lay man’s terms it means …

” I love Gackt”.

Although i’m really into Gackt, this site is not a fan site for him but once in a while i would write something that concerns him and his career. 🙂


2 Responses to “Missing it”

  1. Sakimichi Says:

    Gackt = Fave singer ever

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    Woohoo! Right you are! ^_^

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