February 14, 2008

Wow. I was already awake at 4 am in the morning to fix my philo paper AND study LS 😦 What a great way to start the “Heart’s day” 😦 Not to mention that i was super sick this morning ( read: fever mania ) and my eyes felt as if they were burning and they sting a lot too. XD   

Philo: “Nasaan ang mismong mabuti?”  😦


 That was our philo question for the “long test”. I don’t know if what i wrote in the paper were correct or not, i unconsciously “gave-up” halfway because i can’t focus anymore 😦 😦 😦 Oh, philo why do you have to be sooo complicated and consume 99.9% of brain cells left in me. Even though i didn’t enjoy analyzing the readings, i actually liked one of our readings by Neil Gaiman, “Babycakes”. Amazing work. With just 1 page, i was able to reflect a whole lot. 😀  

But we’ll think of something. Humans are smart. It’s what makes us superior to the animals and the babies. We’ll figure something out. ” 




Instru lecture was still nosebleed as usual and i can’t focus much on the lecture since i was not feeling well and all, so i was day dreaming the whole time. ( about YAMAPI! HEHE )


Ohh, thank you Maia for the sweets!!! Strawberry Mentos rocks ( and the WHITE CHOCOLATE! – forgot the name though ) ! hahaha XD YEY 


The LS exam was quite ok, although i’m not sure with the second part of the exam since i wasn’t able to read the deadz xerox of Fifth Discipline ( i just read the slides. hahaha ).

Me, Arnel and Rands went to Caf after to eat ( i didn’t eat, just them ).   Guys, thanks for the CHOCNUT! ( favorite yeah! ) YUMMY! 😀 My gahd, so many girls holding bouquet of flowers and HUGE CHOCOLATES! HAHAHA Amazing, its as if those girls are already “marked” with an invisible sign: 




 I missed the “rose delivery” thing during valentines though. I think that was awesome! And the “harana” thing too, i heard they are already doing this for the girls. CUTE. 😀 


Oh yeah, geez, i haven’t greeted everyone yet. What a shame. hehehe






 Sorry for the emo pic, im not emo. I just loved the concept! Amazing. The picture just nailed what I feel. LOL. And its artsy-fartsy, so yeah. COOL. ( image is from photobucket (myshooooe), not mine, ok? ) 


 “Thank you silly boy, like so much :D”


 Ohhh, coolness. We ate Conti’s Sansrival cake at home with Tito Roy!! ( Thank you for the gift!, we missed you so much! ). Its so much fun to spend valentines at home! Wee~~ I missed this! Haha ( you see we never fail to spend valentines together at home, its a MUST! ) Thank you parents for the FOOD! YUMMY BBQ! YEY! hahaha 



February 12, 2008

Okay, so my whole day revolved around our thesis defense thats why me and my groupmates didn’t go to our two classes anymore ( Instru and LS ) because we are pretty much paranoid already and all. >.<  Didn’t get that much sleep since i was looking at the slides again and again and looking for loopholes in the report, just in case the panelists could find one and be the reason for our death. hahaha XD Kidding.   

Oh yeah, the Strawberry yogurt drink FTW! haha Thank you. I felt so much better.


 We stayed in Matteo for hours reviewing and practicing our parts in the powerpoint. It was crazy! Hahaha Now, THATs brain drain. hihi Thank you to those who made “tambay” just to make the mood “livelier” and relieved some stress for us. THANK YOU. HAHAHA


Thesis Groupmates: Karl, Emil, Darryl, Me and Randee ( before the defense proper )
( during the defense. *@_@ * ) 


Amidst the problem with the room arrangement and the panelists , i think we pulled it off. Amazing panelists by the way! YOU GUYS ROCK! 😀 Thanks very much for the input for our group, they were really helpful. XD And to Sir Chris Peabody who talked to the group before the defense itself and gave us many many many insights and tips. The one that stuck to me:


“If you find yourself unable to talk and when worse comes to worst, just FAINT. It works every time. *flashes toothy grin*” 


 Hahahaha. I was so tongue-tied when we were talking to him because he has this aura of intelligence that just made me weak. haha ( that sounded so emo. haha ) 



 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTFRIEND, REM!! 😀 And to my fellow Yamapi-crazy fangirl, CLANG!! 😀 MUCH LOVE GUYS! 😀 




You are slowly erasing all the doubts inside my head. Good job. XD 

Woke up REALLY REALLY late because i was feeling sleepy and all(slept at 1:30 am. geez). Not to mention that the usual road i take when going to school was BLOCKED this morning because its “Caloocan Day” and stuff. Why THAT freaking road anyway, of all places?! So yeah, imagine my surprise when i saw that, i immediately went back home and asked my dad to teach me another route to get to Katipunan. <– FAILS. Wee~ he made a rough ‘sketch’ and i just wished myself goodluck. haha XD 


So yeah, fortunately, i got to Katipunan safely and…. right on time even. 😀 No traffic, yey. 🙂  


Nice to know that the review sessions are finally becoming more and more errr….”worthy”.


EMO Spongebob, FTW. 😀 I want one for myself!! XD I saw this picture printed on my english teacher’s shirt this morning. 😀 Wee~ It’s a cross between Gerard Way and Spongie 🙂 Teh cuteness. haha XD  



 Oh yeah, i just realized that its BAD to CRY WHILE DRIVING. XD 


Happy Chinese New Year

February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rat FTW!
 We didn’t celebrate it that much although we ARE of Chinese-descent. XD Everybody in the condo were raving about it last night ( we are one of the few Filipinos living in the area ) and there were fireworks everywhere XD 
Fortunately, i was able to sleep properly amidst the noise. hahahaha 😀
Med instru class is making me sick 😦 The topic is confusing XD I’ll be dead sooner or later. LS, on the other hand…errr, i don’t even remember because i was damn SLEEPY. 😦 So yeah, i need to read on LS soon as well! I feel so far behind already. HAHA
Had a biochem meeting after to discuss the topics needed for our proposal tomorrow. I love my group, yeah XD We shall survive this, yes? 🙂
While scouting MYX for “potential” new music, i chanced upon this!!

Its, “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms.
Not relatively new, but i think the music is so nice 😀 Dedicated to my cousin, Nik, who is going through the SAME ORDEAL as stated in the lyrics of the song 🙂

Coz all I really want is to be with you 
And feel like I matter too 
If I didn’t blow the whole thing years ago 
I might be here with you 

 DEATH, to HIM who is shrouded with LIES. Let’s burn him, eh? 😀 Please, don’t act like you are the most handsome guy in the universe, because YOU ARE NOT. Ok? Go and be happy with your girlfriend, LEAVE HER ALONE! I swear, one more of your “pogi tactics”, and you shall get what you DESERVE. 
Saw Chris Tiu before going home ^_^ Gahd, He brings sunshine wherever he goes. Light up the world, with just being there. LOL
OMG. WE can’t even talk. XD Tragic. Will this even work out in the end? XD  


February 6, 2008

Freecut instrumentation class ( for no reason. lol ) yesterday = YEY!   That class has grown to be quite a “pain for the brain” ( rhyming, i know )  and with freecuts like these, i feel happy. hahaha XD   BASELINE DEADLINE TOMORROW! 😦 ( ack, i still have to fix some inconsistent things. hehe )     Had only LS yesterday, but i felt really stressed because there were so many overlapping things to do 😦  THEO + THESIS = @_@ The video that me and emil edited was such a pain too and by the end of the meeting, i was so so so DOWN , EXHAUSTED and FRUSTRATED. XD   Goodthing, Rabs and Karl asked me to go with them for some “food tripping” 🙂 We first went to Burger King ( too bad, no more ‘buy 1 take 1″ sort of promo there anymore. )  Karl was the one who ordered a LOT of food ( i took some of his french fries. LOL ) , Rabs settled for a burger and i got STRAWBERRY SUNDAE! 😀 ( Yes, no more diet for the meantime because i was craving for sweets. )  

  Then, off we went to UP to buy ISAW

  Gahd, its been YEARS since my last one because IM NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT ISAW. hahahahaha 😀 Only had 5 though because i was still scared of it but damn, it was YUMMY! Nabitin ako! hahaha   Sorry for pestering you guys with my current problems and dilemma. XD I’m such a paranoid, i know. I should be more open-minded about things and let go of PRIDE. 😀 Slowly, yes, i might be able to do that. HAHAHAHA      my TNS boys, THANK YOU. 😀  ( hahaha, TNS still makes me laugh. LOL )      

Anyway, HI SIR JERRY! hahahahaha 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀  



 Fixed my baseline , i while ago and i placed designs and stuff but haven’t sent it to mam Cath yet. haha XD After our dinner probably. haha XD 


While looking for ProDai and HanaKimi videos, i stumbled upon THIS! :


It’s a GIRL version of Mongol800’s Chiisana Koi no Uta ( Hence, the title of the entry ) 


Gahd, i’ve been listening to the song for like the NTH time now! hahaha XD  Ohyama Yurika’s rendition of this punky and upbeat song is SO NICE!!!! * Bows down*. Her voice is just sweet and icy. hahaha XD Not to mention, she is quite pretty too 🙂


Hora anata ni totte daiji na hito hodo
Look, the person who is important to you ) 

Sugu soba ni iru no
Is right beside you ) 
Tada anata ni dake todoite hoshii
I just want to reach only you ) 
Hibike koi no uta
This echoing love song )  
Hora hora hora
Listen, Listen, Listen )  
Hibike koi no uta
This echoing love song )  


That’s the funky chorus. How i loved the way Mongol800 did this part, but Ohyama Yurika still did justice to my favorite part of the song 🙂 Good job XD


yume naraba semenai de yume naraba semenai de
( if it's a dream, don't wake to up If it's a dream, don't to wake up )
anata to sugoshita toki eien no hoshi to naru
( The time I spent with you Will turn into everlasting stars ) 




idiot’s guide to *blank*

February 3, 2008

Say goodbye to much deserved “Weekends”. I might never be able to enjoy it until the end of March. I’d be a walking “zombie” by that time. XD NMAT review =  every sunday, 8am up to 5pm until MARCH 30 😦 SAD.   My goodness. I feel “brain dead” because of that freaking NMAT review. T_T  If i didn’t have the other Health Sci people ( rands, caly, tin, mich, maia, jay, anna, lorenz and trix ) there as my classmates, i would have walked out of the venue already.   The diagnostic test was a pain too. I don’t know if i should be happy that the test was not that hard ( im not saying its easy, its just that its easier than what i expected it to be ) and that it made me feel stupid. XD   

Is this really a sample of an NMAT EXAM?!?!  


 It looks …weird 😦 


The diagnostic exam lasted for like FOUR HOURS. 😦 I felt that i wanted to lie down so bad because my neck got crappy. Argh. What more if we are already taking THE NMAT?!?! ( which i heard last for ONE DAY. :[ )  Will i even survive ? 😦 


Ate lunch at KFC with the block ( although i didn’t buy any food since i brought my own shiz ). It was weird that i wasn’t really feeling hungry at all. Maybe its the stress and i just wanted to lie down so bad. The thought of having another four hour session frustrated the hell out of us. XD


Gahd. We studied BASIC MATH for FOUR HOURS. I’m in no position to brag, but geez, i went there to review things that I DON’T KNOW and not those I DO KNOW ALREADY. 😦  





and YOU, do YOU have ESP? Its so funny that when im already typing the text that i will be sending YOU, I receive a text from you SAYING ALMOST THE SAME THING THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY. XD ahahahahahahaha .  –> Random. haha XD 



heureux XD

February 2, 2008

That means “Happy” in French 😀  

I MISSSEEEEDDDDD THE INTERNET SOOO MUCH. 😀 hahahahahaha  It’s  back! YEY! hehe 


I am confused still. But thank you. 😀 

Had an exercise for our stat class which seemed like a “LONG TEST”. I was not mentally prepared. XD hahahaha Oh well, at least the formulas are written already, let’s just hope that my answers there are correct and my interpretations are ….well…..ok. haha  

Oh yeah, i saw HIM. XD He is cute, pala. hahahaha

( Here i go again, being smitten with little things. hahaha XD )   

 there was no FREAKING WI-FI in ADMU this morning!!!! Just when i wanted to waste my time surfing the net after like a WEEKEND without one. XD Imagine that. 😦 Gahd, please fix our landline soon!!! I wants internet RIGHT NOW!. XD Boooooo   OMFG! NO PHILO!!! Why ? @_@ I was so looking forward in seeing Sir Tolentino again and other classmates. hahaha XD Heard he was sick or something. BLAH. XD     Im actually right here in the library typing this down and uploading deviations in Deviantart because i have been on hiatus mode for too long. XD  Ack!  

  I want to get killed, like now. I am so confused that i should just crash my car somewhere or something. Lord, help please. I want to end this NICELY .  I can’t afford to lose another friend because of immature circumstances. That just sucks. XD 

Got up pretty late : 7:15. Hahaha, which was supposed to be my “departure” time knowing that I have a 9 am class. But I took my time and ended up leaving the house by 8 am. Hahaha XD I thought I was soooo late , but yeah, forgot that it was a Saturday and that not much traffic in the morning anyway. Hehe

 I had this weird dream by the way. XD It freaking seemed so real. I was not even thinking of the person for the longest time and then that person just pops into my dream like that?!?! And geez, I need a DREAM INTERPRETER like NOW. Hahahaha XD I am now OFFICIALLY DISTURBED by this. “IT” may not ( read: NEVER ) happen in the future but still, I need to know.


 Got so sleepy after like 2 hours of my THREE HOUR polsci class and I wasn’t even able to write my notes properly. Zzzzzzzz….The class was not boring though, it’s the subject itself probably and the TIME!! Three freaking hours with only 15 minutes break time. T____T Deadz. Deadz. Deadz.


Attended the thesis defense thing just to see how the defense would flow and stuff. Gawd. I was stuttering even though it was not our group who reported. @_@ Unbelievable. I don’t even know if our group could pull it off. Too many revisions and stuff. It’s like WE WILL NEVER BE RIGHT. ARGH ARGH ARGH.



 Went to trinoma and watched NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS with Sam, Ralph and Karl!! Wee~ We spent like an hour deciding what to watch and we almost scrapped the idea of even watching a movie. I said, i wanted to watch Sweeney Todd ( Again, i know! ) but then that would be soo KJ because i already watched it XD. Then i told them that i wanted P.S. I love you, but Ralph R retaliated and said:


 ” SHET! Si Leonidas makikita ko sa LOVE STORY?!?! Ayokong madungisan ang image niya dun sa 300!!!” 



 Talked to Karl about some “things” . ( the two RAPLHs went to buy other “boy” stuff and me and karl just stayed at the rooftop to talk. LOL ) Rawr we got so EMO ( errr, I got EMO ) probably because it was already night time and the venue was EMO. Damn it. Geez, i don’t want to pursue my “plan” anymore. I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT. 😦  Help….. 


Amazing movie, it didn’t suck. I just hoped that they didn’t stick with that “traditional” notion when it comes to “TREASURE”. I mean like equating TREASURE = GOLD. XD There are sooo many other treasures anyway, why GOLD? 


Hahaha But oh well, traditional treasure hunters. I LOVE RILEY ( err, i mean JUSTIN BARTHA )!!!! Freaking best character right there!!! Just the right mix of stupidity with hotness. Hahahaha RANDOM, I KNOW. 


January 25, 2008


That pretty much sums what happened this day because I freaking had TWO exams on the same day. I mean, everybody has more than two exams in a day but we are talking about BIOCHEMISTRY here and PHILOSOPHY which are totally different subjects and I can’t focus on the other if I do not sacrifice the other subject. ARGH.


Why is it that a lot of people are born intelligent wherein with MINIMUM effort they get MAXIMUM results . READ: A+++. While I, along with other mediocre students, MAXIMIZE every effort we could muster, but then, we still get MINIMUM results Not fair. T_____T


 Had my orals in Philo at 10:20 in the morning and I was literally banging my head on the table while trying to memorize my “script” for all the SIX thesis statements. After my stat class, I immediately went to the lib to “study”. But no, I missed the internet so bad so I went online for about an hour or so before really reviewing for the orals. Haaha 😀


For those of you who are not aware, yes, I’m currently INTERNET-LESS. No landline either T______T We might be getting another landline number soon because our current landline is “INFESTED” with UNNECESSARY callers. T_T Boo You!

 I was stuttering so bad and I could feel myself burning ( like I had 40 degree temp. serious. ) and I was praying so hard that I could get any thesis number except #4 and #6 because imma gonna get screwed and grilled, yes. Hahaha

God IS kind. He gave me thesis number 1 ^_^ Oh yeah. I hope I explained it correctly and properly. I was confusing myself while explaining, I doubt it if he understood like ½ of what I said. But yes, he is a philosopher , so I guess he is used to those kinds of “complications”. Wee~

 Studied like crazy for biochem but it was all in VAIN. I even memorized the freaking amino acids and the structures by heart but not even ONE question about it appeared in the exam. WTFOMG!!! RAWR. The test sucked so bad, I just found myself grinning over the questions. XD  It was DEATH.


   Lord, save us all.

 I felt the sleepiness that has weighed me down for the whole week and I had no choice but just to sleep immediately and didn’t even study for my polsci class anymore. T_T