February 14, 2008

Wow. I was already awake at 4 am in the morning to fix my philo paper AND study LS 😦 What a great way to start the “Heart’s day” 😦 Not to mention that i was super sick this morning ( read: fever mania ) and my eyes felt as if they were burning and they sting a lot too. XD   

Philo: “Nasaan ang mismong mabuti?”  😦


 That was our philo question for the “long test”. I don’t know if what i wrote in the paper were correct or not, i unconsciously “gave-up” halfway because i can’t focus anymore 😦 😦 😦 Oh, philo why do you have to be sooo complicated and consume 99.9% of brain cells left in me. Even though i didn’t enjoy analyzing the readings, i actually liked one of our readings by Neil Gaiman, “Babycakes”. Amazing work. With just 1 page, i was able to reflect a whole lot. 😀  

But we’ll think of something. Humans are smart. It’s what makes us superior to the animals and the babies. We’ll figure something out. ” 




Instru lecture was still nosebleed as usual and i can’t focus much on the lecture since i was not feeling well and all, so i was day dreaming the whole time. ( about YAMAPI! HEHE )


Ohh, thank you Maia for the sweets!!! Strawberry Mentos rocks ( and the WHITE CHOCOLATE! – forgot the name though ) ! hahaha XD YEY 


The LS exam was quite ok, although i’m not sure with the second part of the exam since i wasn’t able to read the deadz xerox of Fifth Discipline ( i just read the slides. hahaha ).

Me, Arnel and Rands went to Caf after to eat ( i didn’t eat, just them ).   Guys, thanks for the CHOCNUT! ( favorite yeah! ) YUMMY! 😀 My gahd, so many girls holding bouquet of flowers and HUGE CHOCOLATES! HAHAHA Amazing, its as if those girls are already “marked” with an invisible sign: 




 I missed the “rose delivery” thing during valentines though. I think that was awesome! And the “harana” thing too, i heard they are already doing this for the girls. CUTE. 😀 


Oh yeah, geez, i haven’t greeted everyone yet. What a shame. hehehe






 Sorry for the emo pic, im not emo. I just loved the concept! Amazing. The picture just nailed what I feel. LOL. And its artsy-fartsy, so yeah. COOL. ( image is from photobucket (myshooooe), not mine, ok? ) 


 “Thank you silly boy, like so much :D”


 Ohhh, coolness. We ate Conti’s Sansrival cake at home with Tito Roy!! ( Thank you for the gift!, we missed you so much! ). Its so much fun to spend valentines at home! Wee~~ I missed this! Haha ( you see we never fail to spend valentines together at home, its a MUST! ) Thank you parents for the FOOD! YUMMY BBQ! YEY! hahaha 


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