February 12, 2008

Okay, so my whole day revolved around our thesis defense thats why me and my groupmates didn’t go to our two classes anymore ( Instru and LS ) because we are pretty much paranoid already and all. >.<  Didn’t get that much sleep since i was looking at the slides again and again and looking for loopholes in the report, just in case the panelists could find one and be the reason for our death. hahaha XD Kidding.   

Oh yeah, the Strawberry yogurt drink FTW! haha Thank you. I felt so much better.


 We stayed in Matteo for hours reviewing and practicing our parts in the powerpoint. It was crazy! Hahaha Now, THATs brain drain. hihi Thank you to those who made “tambay” just to make the mood “livelier” and relieved some stress for us. THANK YOU. HAHAHA


Thesis Groupmates: Karl, Emil, Darryl, Me and Randee ( before the defense proper )
( during the defense. *@_@ * ) 


Amidst the problem with the room arrangement and the panelists , i think we pulled it off. Amazing panelists by the way! YOU GUYS ROCK! 😀 Thanks very much for the input for our group, they were really helpful. XD And to Sir Chris Peabody who talked to the group before the defense itself and gave us many many many insights and tips. The one that stuck to me:


“If you find yourself unable to talk and when worse comes to worst, just FAINT. It works every time. *flashes toothy grin*” 


 Hahahaha. I was so tongue-tied when we were talking to him because he has this aura of intelligence that just made me weak. haha ( that sounded so emo. haha ) 



 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTFRIEND, REM!! 😀 And to my fellow Yamapi-crazy fangirl, CLANG!! 😀 MUCH LOVE GUYS! 😀 




You are slowly erasing all the doubts inside my head. Good job. XD 


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