it might not be that bad…because

February 10, 2008

Woke up REALLY REALLY late because i was feeling sleepy and all(slept at 1:30 am. geez). Not to mention that the usual road i take when going to school was BLOCKED this morning because its “Caloocan Day” and stuff. Why THAT freaking road anyway, of all places?! So yeah, imagine my surprise when i saw that, i immediately went back home and asked my dad to teach me another route to get to Katipunan. <– FAILS. Wee~ he made a rough ‘sketch’ and i just wished myself goodluck. haha XD 


So yeah, fortunately, i got to Katipunan safely and…. right on time even. 😀 No traffic, yey. 🙂  


Nice to know that the review sessions are finally becoming more and more errr….”worthy”.


EMO Spongebob, FTW. 😀 I want one for myself!! XD I saw this picture printed on my english teacher’s shirt this morning. 😀 Wee~ It’s a cross between Gerard Way and Spongie 🙂 Teh cuteness. haha XD  



 Oh yeah, i just realized that its BAD to CRY WHILE DRIVING. XD 



One Response to “it might not be that bad…because”

  1. lae7689 Says:

    i can totally relate to the im not crying over wat you said thing my bf he won’t express his inner feelings to me and it urts to the inner creve of my soul when he does this hethinks hes not hard or maning up to me enough if he tells me his feelings but the truth is if he did hed be more man then ever to me
    TRULY HE WOULD (:(sob”

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