Happy Chinese New Year

February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Rat FTW!
 We didn’t celebrate it that much although we ARE of Chinese-descent. XD Everybody in the condo were raving about it last night ( we are one of the few Filipinos living in the area ) and there were fireworks everywhere XD 
Fortunately, i was able to sleep properly amidst the noise. hahahaha 😀
Med instru class is making me sick 😦 The topic is confusing XD I’ll be dead sooner or later. LS, on the other hand…errr, i don’t even remember because i was damn SLEEPY. 😦 So yeah, i need to read on LS soon as well! I feel so far behind already. HAHA
Had a biochem meeting after to discuss the topics needed for our proposal tomorrow. I love my group, yeah XD We shall survive this, yes? 🙂
While scouting MYX for “potential” new music, i chanced upon this!!

Its, “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms.
Not relatively new, but i think the music is so nice 😀 Dedicated to my cousin, Nik, who is going through the SAME ORDEAL as stated in the lyrics of the song 🙂

Coz all I really want is to be with you 
And feel like I matter too 
If I didn’t blow the whole thing years ago 
I might be here with you 

 DEATH, to HIM who is shrouded with LIES. Let’s burn him, eh? 😀 Please, don’t act like you are the most handsome guy in the universe, because YOU ARE NOT. Ok? Go and be happy with your girlfriend, LEAVE HER ALONE! I swear, one more of your “pogi tactics”, and you shall get what you DESERVE. 
Saw Chris Tiu before going home ^_^ Gahd, He brings sunshine wherever he goes. Light up the world, with just being there. LOL
OMG. WE can’t even talk. XD Tragic. Will this even work out in the end? XD  

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