idiot’s guide to *blank*

February 3, 2008

Say goodbye to much deserved “Weekends”. I might never be able to enjoy it until the end of March. I’d be a walking “zombie” by that time. XD NMAT review =  every sunday, 8am up to 5pm until MARCH 30 😦 SAD.   My goodness. I feel “brain dead” because of that freaking NMAT review. T_T  If i didn’t have the other Health Sci people ( rands, caly, tin, mich, maia, jay, anna, lorenz and trix ) there as my classmates, i would have walked out of the venue already.   The diagnostic test was a pain too. I don’t know if i should be happy that the test was not that hard ( im not saying its easy, its just that its easier than what i expected it to be ) and that it made me feel stupid. XD   

Is this really a sample of an NMAT EXAM?!?!  


 It looks …weird 😦 


The diagnostic exam lasted for like FOUR HOURS. 😦 I felt that i wanted to lie down so bad because my neck got crappy. Argh. What more if we are already taking THE NMAT?!?! ( which i heard last for ONE DAY. :[ )  Will i even survive ? 😦 


Ate lunch at KFC with the block ( although i didn’t buy any food since i brought my own shiz ). It was weird that i wasn’t really feeling hungry at all. Maybe its the stress and i just wanted to lie down so bad. The thought of having another four hour session frustrated the hell out of us. XD


Gahd. We studied BASIC MATH for FOUR HOURS. I’m in no position to brag, but geez, i went there to review things that I DON’T KNOW and not those I DO KNOW ALREADY. 😦  





and YOU, do YOU have ESP? Its so funny that when im already typing the text that i will be sending YOU, I receive a text from you SAYING ALMOST THE SAME THING THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY. XD ahahahahahahaha .  –> Random. haha XD 




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