i missed the internet. haha XD

January 28, 2008

Had an exercise for our stat class which seemed like a “LONG TEST”. I was not mentally prepared. XD hahahaha Oh well, at least the formulas are written already, let’s just hope that my answers there are correct and my interpretations are ….well…..ok. haha  

Oh yeah, i saw HIM. XD He is cute, pala. hahahaha

( Here i go again, being smitten with little things. hahaha XD )   

 there was no FREAKING WI-FI in ADMU this morning!!!! Just when i wanted to waste my time surfing the net after like a WEEKEND without one. XD Imagine that. 😦 Gahd, please fix our landline soon!!! I wants internet RIGHT NOW!. XD Boooooo   OMFG! NO PHILO!!! Why ? @_@ I was so looking forward in seeing Sir Tolentino again and other classmates. hahaha XD Heard he was sick or something. BLAH. XD     Im actually right here in the library typing this down and uploading deviations in Deviantart because i have been on hiatus mode for too long. XD  Ack!  

  I want to get killed, like now. I am so confused that i should just crash my car somewhere or something. Lord, help please. I want to end this NICELY .  I can’t afford to lose another friend because of immature circumstances. That just sucks. XD 


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