Saturday is “one-of-the-boys” day XD

January 26, 2008

Got up pretty late : 7:15. Hahaha, which was supposed to be my “departure” time knowing that I have a 9 am class. But I took my time and ended up leaving the house by 8 am. Hahaha XD I thought I was soooo late , but yeah, forgot that it was a Saturday and that not much traffic in the morning anyway. Hehe

 I had this weird dream by the way. XD It freaking seemed so real. I was not even thinking of the person for the longest time and then that person just pops into my dream like that?!?! And geez, I need a DREAM INTERPRETER like NOW. Hahahaha XD I am now OFFICIALLY DISTURBED by this. “IT” may not ( read: NEVER ) happen in the future but still, I need to know.


 Got so sleepy after like 2 hours of my THREE HOUR polsci class and I wasn’t even able to write my notes properly. Zzzzzzzz….The class was not boring though, it’s the subject itself probably and the TIME!! Three freaking hours with only 15 minutes break time. T____T Deadz. Deadz. Deadz.


Attended the thesis defense thing just to see how the defense would flow and stuff. Gawd. I was stuttering even though it was not our group who reported. @_@ Unbelievable. I don’t even know if our group could pull it off. Too many revisions and stuff. It’s like WE WILL NEVER BE RIGHT. ARGH ARGH ARGH.



 Went to trinoma and watched NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS with Sam, Ralph and Karl!! Wee~ We spent like an hour deciding what to watch and we almost scrapped the idea of even watching a movie. I said, i wanted to watch Sweeney Todd ( Again, i know! ) but then that would be soo KJ because i already watched it XD. Then i told them that i wanted P.S. I love you, but Ralph R retaliated and said:


 ” SHET! Si Leonidas makikita ko sa LOVE STORY?!?! Ayokong madungisan ang image niya dun sa 300!!!” 



 Talked to Karl about some “things” . ( the two RAPLHs went to buy other “boy” stuff and me and karl just stayed at the rooftop to talk. LOL ) Rawr we got so EMO ( errr, I got EMO ) probably because it was already night time and the venue was EMO. Damn it. Geez, i don’t want to pursue my “plan” anymore. I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT. 😦  Help….. 


Amazing movie, it didn’t suck. I just hoped that they didn’t stick with that “traditional” notion when it comes to “TREASURE”. I mean like equating TREASURE = GOLD. XD There are sooo many other treasures anyway, why GOLD? 


Hahaha But oh well, traditional treasure hunters. I LOVE RILEY ( err, i mean JUSTIN BARTHA )!!!! Freaking best character right there!!! Just the right mix of stupidity with hotness. Hahahaha RANDOM, I KNOW. 


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