January 25, 2008


That pretty much sums what happened this day because I freaking had TWO exams on the same day. I mean, everybody has more than two exams in a day but we are talking about BIOCHEMISTRY here and PHILOSOPHY which are totally different subjects and I can’t focus on the other if I do not sacrifice the other subject. ARGH.


Why is it that a lot of people are born intelligent wherein with MINIMUM effort they get MAXIMUM results . READ: A+++. While I, along with other mediocre students, MAXIMIZE every effort we could muster, but then, we still get MINIMUM results Not fair. T_____T


 Had my orals in Philo at 10:20 in the morning and I was literally banging my head on the table while trying to memorize my “script” for all the SIX thesis statements. After my stat class, I immediately went to the lib to “study”. But no, I missed the internet so bad so I went online for about an hour or so before really reviewing for the orals. Haaha 😀


For those of you who are not aware, yes, I’m currently INTERNET-LESS. No landline either T______T We might be getting another landline number soon because our current landline is “INFESTED” with UNNECESSARY callers. T_T Boo You!

 I was stuttering so bad and I could feel myself burning ( like I had 40 degree temp. serious. ) and I was praying so hard that I could get any thesis number except #4 and #6 because imma gonna get screwed and grilled, yes. Hahaha

God IS kind. He gave me thesis number 1 ^_^ Oh yeah. I hope I explained it correctly and properly. I was confusing myself while explaining, I doubt it if he understood like ½ of what I said. But yes, he is a philosopher , so I guess he is used to those kinds of “complications”. Wee~

 Studied like crazy for biochem but it was all in VAIN. I even memorized the freaking amino acids and the structures by heart but not even ONE question about it appeared in the exam. WTFOMG!!! RAWR. The test sucked so bad, I just found myself grinning over the questions. XD  It was DEATH.


   Lord, save us all.

 I felt the sleepiness that has weighed me down for the whole week and I had no choice but just to sleep immediately and didn’t even study for my polsci class anymore. T_T


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