Never Forgive , Never Forget

January 19, 2008

There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit
and it’s filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it. 

 I was supposed to watch this movie together with Ralph R. , Ralph S. , Karl and Randee, but the plan got so messed up ( points finger to self ) so i just ended up watching with my mom and my brother since they also wanted to see the movie. XD
Immediately after my polsci class, i went back home and waited for my dentist appointment. huhu, my tooth hasn’t moved yet, so there is very little that my dentist and I could do but to….WAIT. But, i wants this braces off ASAP. I can’t even imagine myself having no braces. 😦 SAD.
Because of that less than 10 minutes of dental appointment, I wasn’t able to attend the Manika Manila Tea Party organized by Ampao’s group for their Events class. 😦 Huhu, Oh well, my first absent for a dollmeet recently. hehe I will make up for that. But i wasn’t able to see Bella Lugosi, i FAIL! 😦 T______T
Since we arrived a wee bit earlier before the next screening of the movie, we walked around first for like an hour or so before getting FOOD. hihi RAWR. I was sooo tempted to buy a lot of food near the cinema area. I wanted Burritos,  Nachos and Quesadillas ( I was on anything-mexican-food cravings , methinks. ). Good thing my “mantra” worked and I didn’t buy ANY OF THEM. LOL. I WIN, Y’ALL. hehehehe I want to succeed in THIS ( relate if you can ), so seriously, no UNNECESSARY FOOD AND CRAVINGS. 

Going back to the movie, i COULDN’T imagine or even picture anybody else who would play SWEENEY TODD except my ever-so-hotness-next-to-gackt-crush, JOHNNY DEPP. He was soo freaking amazing, i could cry my heart out for him. LOL. Now, anyone who will say , or said, that Johnny Depp’s acting in this movie is bland and plain would definitely get  kick from me , because i think he really is outstanding here!!! He was definitely oozing with that anger and bitterness making him fuse with his role/character perfectly. XD Singing, o yes, did mention about Johnny Depp’s singing?!?! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Geez, and back then when Tim Burton asked him if he could sing and play the role, he said he will “try” to because he didn’t know how. My God, hidden talent right there, yeah!!! He should do more musicals like this one, because he could REALLY SING!

“Sweeney’s waiting. I want you Bleeders!”
and oh yeah, Sweeney, you could kill me anytime. hahaha XD  
I could kneel before Tim Burton now for casting the PERFECT ACTORS/ACTRESSES for this one. And to Stephen Sondheim for such brilliant music. XD I LOVED ALL THEM. Now, where the heck could i but the original soundtrack?! I WANT, LIKE NOW!!!
Oh yeah, Allan Rickman sings with Johnny Depp in this movie!! * IS IN FANGIRL HEAVEN*. Yes, i crush Allan Rickman ( the one who played Snape in Harry Potter ) because his voice is sexy. period. haha XD  
I admit that even though i’m a hardcore Johnny Depp fan, i was still very much in shock when he starts to slit throats of his victims and be covered with BLOOD a.k.a. “Precious Rubies” as he calls them. I couldn’t look at the screen for real because there was TOO MUCH BLOOD. ( and now, how am i supposed to become a doctor when i cringe like a kid when i see blood?!?! ) Such a disturbing film and totally reminds me of Battle Royale. For both movies, i felt that bitter taste of violence in my mouth even after i watched them. I was literally like this after  –> @______@  
Oh yeah, if you are not really into musicals and the actors singing, you should skip this movie and go watch something else. My brother, for example, closes his eyes when the singing begins and was literally wide awake when the killing and slitting of throats starts. Amazing. haha XD I didn’t quite like some of the singing because i WANT ACTION! haha, but the longer i watched the movie, the musical scenes were actually, in my opinion, the one that gave it the depth ( DEPPTH. hahaha  ) that i was looking for. LOL. It was actually it’s damn charm. The songs are not mediocre, btw. THEY FREAKING KICK ARSE! I was browsing the lyrics of the songs too and i think they are FREAKING FANTASTIC! XD 
Anywho, leaving all the killing and gore and blood and killing and gore and blood , and did i say blood?, I actually realized in the end, that the one that was driving the whole damn story was the LOVE STORY beneath it. XD OMG, i held back tears after watching because it was supposed to be a gruesome movie, yeah. But, still, WATCH THE MOVIE!!!
Hahahaha. But seriously, I LOVE the love story for ALL the characters ( redundant, i know. haha )
 ( well, except for Anthony and Johanna because i think they weren’t really needed in the story and they are so not suited for their characters. XD That’s just me though. )  

This boy captured my heart aside from Johnny Depp. I think he is amazing for a 12 year old ( although he is 14 now. haha )  Now, THIS song, is just sweet. I melt. ❤ 
but for this movie, let’s rephrase that.
 note: movie poster is not mine along with the two embedded youtube videos here. I just borrowed them. hahaha XD 



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