Stat and others

January 18, 2008

I stayed up pretty late last night to finish my Statistics “exercise” which I would later find out today should not be passed INDIVIDUALLY but by PARTNER or by THREE’s. @_@ So yeah, the additional eyebags were all for nothing. T_T

Got the LT for STAT this morning and immediately went to do the nitty-gritty computations during my LOONNNGG break. Thank God, Pia and Jay were with me ( although busy and fiddling with their THEO notes ) and i didn’t feel that much bummed compared to when i become all nerdy by myself. haha

Let’s just hope my answers are correct. I’m not after the perfect score, a pretty high-high grade is fine for me. XD

 I was feeling so exhausted with all the mean deviations and variance terms and I was about to give up on it when my phone buzzed.



I checked my phone and there it was…a text from my boy best friend, boinksters. 😀


” Basta I’ll be here if you get lonely. gusto ko lang malaman mo yun…”

Seriously, I think this guy has ESP! He sends the simplest text messages to me ( even though he is in California right now ) JUST IN TIME. 😀 Thanks dear. haha XD


Felt sooo sleepy during our philo that I repeatedly asked Clang to pinch me so that i could stay awake. XD  But to no avail, my body really wanted its sleep and yeah, i was like “zombified” for more than half of the class time, so i wasn’t able to take down that much notes. So i asked Clang if i could xerox her notes instead. Wee~ T___T I was soo not feeling well after Philo that i was tempted to cut Biochem. T_T It was an unusual headache and back pain ( which i could only blame my laptop for that ) coupled with 3 hours of sleep. T___T I WANT SLEEP. XD XD XD


THEO = SEX. Yes. Basically, that is the center of our topic now and honestly, i could understand it quite well. Locker has this way of conveying his message without being overly technical and making his classes FUN at the same time. 😀 Cool.


Biochem=DEAD. Lord, please give me the strength and the knowledge to overcome our Biochem test next friday. I still want to live. LOL. 😀


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