Philippine Online Gaming Summit 2008

January 13, 2008

Me, Maiya and Kagi 

( photo by Herson Moneda ) 

 Went to Trinoma a while ago with my cosplay friends to attend the POGS event. Before going to the event, i picked up Maiya and Nadia at their house and we drove immediately to Trinoma. 🙂 Gahd, upon arriving in EDSA, there were soooo many cars and i wasn’t able to park in the ground floor. So yeah, we just went to the upper floors to park the damn car. Ack! It took us roughly THIRTY FREAKING MINUTES just to find a PARKING SLOT and me and my friends were already bummed as hell. XD Fortunately, we were able to find one and we hurriedly went to the Trinoma activity center to see the event. 


Honestly, i wasn’t really excited for the event itself. Ever since i went on “hiatus” (ehem*retirement*ehem ) from online gaming ( ROSE come back!!! ), I didn’t enjoy online gaming events that much anymore. XD Gahd, i feel old. Besides, i don’t pay WoW or Lineage II or whatever. Its not because i don’t have THE “time”, but I’m really into the more cutesy versions of it. Hihi.


So anyway, i just bonded with Maiya, Nadia, Hani ( first time to see her ), Kagi ( i missed you, kagi-chan!!!!! ), RG, Victor, Kenneth, Lyron, Nilo, Dycee, Tessa and Erving during the event. I also saw Gie who was quite busy checking out the dancing dancer of Ragnarok cosplayer “bear” cosplayer who looked so CUTE. 😀  ( I HAVE THE VIDEO! HAHAHA ). After we got bored of the event ( because of too much people and the area was HOT! lolz ), me, maiya, hani, kagi, nadia, RG, Victor and Kenneth went to Starbucks at the top floor of the mall to get drinks 😀 WAH!! Thanks kuya RG for the FREE STARBUCKS drink!!! XD We are sooo HAPPY. HAHAHAHA


sidenote: I just realized that the Starbucks here suck. There weren’t enough cream on top of my drink and it lacked STRAWBERRIES!! I felt as if i was drinking milk the whole time! Grrrrr….  


 Spent a whole lot of time chatting with my friends about a LOT of stuff ranging from cosplay, photoshoots and REAL LIFE problems yeah!!! XD It was sooo great. Despite the usual stares we got from the people and even the guards, it was all good. XD But stares frighten me still @_@ I felt see-through , weird. hehe T_T 


Had a pretty photoshoot there which lasted for more than an hour but I really got tired and my “CS” was troubling me so. ( CS = “Cosplay Syndrome”. haha Its just a nickname Maiya coined for this “illness” of mine that when i attend a cosplay event or even cosplay myself, i ALWAYS END UP FEELING SICK AFTER. I think its the wig though 😦 I can’t stand wearing a wig for TOO LONG, i might FAINT. XD hehehe )


Can’t wait for Kenneth’s, RG’s and Erving’s photoshoot set! I hope they are GOOD!! XD


 Nikki and friend also arrived, but a tad too late so i wasn’t able to talk to them that much. XD 


While me and Maiya were fixing our things before going home, Erving told us some “stuff” and really Maiya and I knew about that long long before. But you know, we just shrugged them off since the person still know his/her boundaries and no one is affected …YET. We will keep that in mind, kuya. Thanks for the head’s up! 😀  Darn, i wish i could be a great photographer like YOU! With teh flashing skills mhan, i died. hahahaha 😀 


Will post photoshoot pictures here as soon as i get my copy of the pictures 😀  We look like Powerpuff girls yoh!


* I am so crushing someone right now!!! I don’t know, maybe its because of his….nah. I’m being this all “girly-girl” who easily crushes on a guy!! ACK! Kill me. Wish to see him soon. hihi XD * 


sidenote: Kuya RG! Thank you for the Starbucks planner! I wasn’t expecting it, but really, thanks 😀 Now, i have MY OWN planner!!! 😀 THANK YOU!! XD 


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