Because someone feels happy today.

January 12, 2008

Went to school today with Kobe since he has basketball lessons early in the morning. 😀 I was so happy because i had my own “pinching bag” ( yes, pinching because he is FAT. hehe ) beside me. LOL. XD  I was so so lazy for the Polsci class because i think i didn’t have enough sleep last night ( jerk XD ) but i still did my “homework” by reading the readings ( pardon the redundancy , yeah.) Went to the caf immediately after parking the car to look for Strawberry Yogurt Drink but found NONE. So yeah, i got pissed and ended up bumming around the place for 20 minutes or so, doing nothing and waiting for the bell. When i got up to the Berch 3rd floor, i got confused with the classrooms and i didn’t know where the Polsci classroom is. @_@ Maybe it was the weather, the unusual quiet and serene day or I was just being all stupid again. I don’t even know more than half of my classmates since we are all lost in our own little “Quasi-Political” world in class. XD  Upon entering the class, Sir Banayad discussed some of his “points” regarding our “quiz” last year which felt more like a Long Test. I was so freaking nervous because i know and feel that i had so many mistakes with my answers ( i remember in one of the questions where i crammed my answer in less than 5 minutes because i was out of time and then the other where i COMPLETELY gave a different AND incoherent answer at that. ). He then pulled out this sheet of bond paper and told us that he would be calling the names of those who did EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. My gahd, i just sighed and looked outside so it would be over and done with in a jiffy. He then started to read out the names:   

 “Blah, Blah, Blah…..Ara…Blah, Blah, Blah”


 I snapped out of my delusional fantasies ( *gets shot * ) when i heard my name. Wait… did he really call MY NAME?! OMGWTFLMAO!! XD XD XD He called like 10 people or so and i was like there, flabbergasted.


WOW. happy


When i got my paper, it had a GREAT grade. Kill me if im being so uberly proud about this, but really I’m a mediocre student and every good grade means a lot to me. 😀 Now, I love him even more. Those THREE freaking hours of studying the CONSTITUTION felt like a breeze that I could stay there a wee bit longer if need be. 😀


I swear, i will do better ( even improve my handwriting skills ) in the REAL Long Test, yoh! 😀  


sidenote: sorry Karl and Ralph R.! XD I’m stupid for not checking my phone and always putting in in silent mode XD Ack! Will go out with you guys soon. 😀 After hell week this week? haha 😀


Ate lunch at our house because my mom went to the market and that meat YUMMY FOOD. 😀 I was right! hahaha XD Ended up eating more than what i intended to. Boo! hahaha So yeah hello FAT 😀

Speaking of FAT, i feel FATTER than ever. I wasn’t able to exercise as much as i wanted to because I AM SICK STILL. XD ARGH. Go away PATHOGENS!!! XD 


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