Jolly Hotdog

January 11, 2008

Because i’m maximizing my tuition payment in ADMU, I’m here in one of the rooms in Faura and using the internet resources . XD LOL But geez, its not even working @_@  Had another “sabaw” sessions in our STAT class. My Gahd,  Sir Jerry Apolonio is just hilarious. XD I know our class is running in a “Turtle” pace right now ( we are studying the measurements of central tendency still. ) but i really enjoy his class. He cracks up jokes here and there ( which consumes about more than 50% of our class time ) and at the same time I learn a lot from him as well. 😀 I was aware that he is quite popular, but when i tried to google him to find “things”, …WOW. HE IS POPULAR! He has conqured Youtube and other posts by his previous students in their blogs and other professional sites talking about Sociologists and Anthropologists. XD Oh my, amazing. *Bows Down*If all Stat/SA teachers were like him ( Gay or not ), i would have shifted right now to the Social Sciences and be in love with Statistics all over again.   Eh? Did i say all over again? haha XD. Because once upon a time, i loved Statistics too, way back in my high school days.  I don’t know when all the enthusiasm for it deteriorated.     

Oh…oh yes. Enter: PHYSICS. XD 


 Curse the subject all you want , but i loved it 😀 *wink*wink* 



Anywho…what’s with the blog title? It has been bothering me this week already since I couldn’t quite get the logic for our Philo prof to ask us this week:


 “Ano ang Jolly Hotdog?”


 Fine. Its from Jolibee and all that but really, whatever you are thinking right now is bound to be WRONG. We spent like THREE frigging meetings just to answer that question. All is clear to me now though, since our Prof already explained it to us and what is the significance of that question in our lesson. Oh yeah…Philo will be the DEATH of me. @_@ Analogia… my gahd. It gets more complicated by the minute. ARGH. 


Bonded with Anna, Rands and Emil before Theo class. My gahd, i just realized that BORED people could be so spontaneous that they could readily jump from one topic to another in a blink of an eye. Laughtrip moment on that one! –> “Ohhh Boys” and “Johnny”. My gahd. XD 


 I was quite surprised with the Theo class because it just went so smoothly , i barely checked my watch for the time. XD He was not that fast in teaching so i got valuable notes to live by. 😀


 Didn’t have Biochem today XD When Ralph R. told me that, i didn’t know whether i should be happy or pissed since me and Rands were so frustrated on making the most out of our break ( 4:30-6:00 ) and the internet thing in Faura didn’t work 😦 So yeah, i shouted a cry of disbelief since I’m such an O.C. person when it comes to TIME, I do not like WASTING it for NOTHING. XD Argh. Oh well, at least no Enzymes and Proteins bothered me for this week. A much needed break, i tell you 😀 



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