30,000 ++ unread messages @_@

January 10, 2008

Yes yes yes. That’s the actual number of unread messages i have in my inbox right now and seriously, I’m fed up with these “junk” ( they are not actually junks but they are all updates and nonsense forwarded messages that i don’t even care about! ) mails, that I spent hours today cleaning ( mark –> delete ) my inbox. @_@  My eyes hurt already but I really want to get rid of them , LIKE NOW! They are definitely the reason why important messages get lost with all the junk. ARGH.  Geez, just realized that i have 3 years worth of emails already. Maybe its the “New Year” feel that makes me want to start all again….like start everything on a CLEAN SLATE. XD 






 Seriously, one more junk mail and i shall attack you all with VIRUSES! Bam! Bam! Bam! XD

 *edit: Finally reduced it to 9k++ emails. Still a hefty number, but that is WAY beyond the 50% reduction i was aiming for. XD 



 Anywho, my schedule and plans are messed up right now because i don’t have a proper planner 😦 FYI, i gave my Starbucks planner to my mom as a Christmas gift and i don’t regret that. Its just that , i want a planner of my own, even though its not Starbucks or whatever. HAHA 




 Got the LS long test result a while ago and I was pretty happy with the result *dances around*. Not a perfect score , but still a nice one to boot. 😀 I’ll try to get a higher score next time..WAY WAY higher. *note: stop CRAMMING! LOL XD 


It appears that i lost my voice. XD For this week, my voice gets crappier by the minute and now i talk like a MAN. T_T To hell with those Pastillas i ate. XD ITS ALL YOUR FAULT, I SWEAR!  


One Response to “30,000 ++ unread messages @_@”

  1. Arthur Says:

    I wish I could give you my Starbucks planner but, nah! But, I’ll give you a planner. Still need one?

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