January 9, 2008


Follow the notes upon the journey

At first sight marks one’s destiny

Once the voyage comes to an end

Return lies within hasty keys

I was browsing asian drama/movie sites when i stumbled upon this oldish/sepia-sh picture that looked like a movie poster. What caught me eye was the leading man ….it wasJAY CHOU. I have seen him like years ago, highschool days that is. My classmate was raving about him and being the anything-asian-artist-fan that i am, i checked him out on the net. But he was too chinese-y for me so i just shrugged him away. But then i saw him on MTV singing some Catholic song ( i think, since he was on the church and saying “God” in some lines. haha )…Wow! I was blown away, i tell you. But after that, i never saw , or heard, from him again at all…until yesterday. 😀  


Because i’m such a lazy bum in creating gists, i’ll just copy the gist from the net ( *ahem*wikipedia*ahem* )


 “The romantic story is about a high school student Ye Xiang Lun ( Jay Chou ), who studies in a school for the musically and artistically gifted. Xiang Lun’s piano skills are unmistakably a notch above others. On the first day of school, while wandering through the piano rooms, he hears an unknown and alluring melody played by a fellow female student, Lu Xiao Yu ( Kwai Lun-Mei ).Since Afterwards, they unknowingly fall in love, but as Xiang Lun tries to know more and asks her about the mysterious yet alluring melody she plays, she tells him it is a secret that cannot be told. Later on, there is an misunderstanding and Xiao Yu mistakenly thinks Xiang Lun is cheating on him with another girl, Qing Yi. Xiao Yu then vanishes from Xiang Lun’s world without leaving a trace. Five months later, Xiang Lun plays “Swan” in tribute to her in a concert and Xiao Yu unexpectedly reappears, looking sad and melancholy, and vanishes again. Afterwards, Xiang Lun realises that her existence is only known to Xiang Lun and only to him, hence Xiao Yu doesn’t really exist. Therefore, Xiang Lun realises he has to pursue and discover the sercret that cannot be told…”



The MAIN thing in the story. *wink*

This scene reminds me of “The Classic”. 😀 Hihi  I got really curious with the plot which strongly reminds me of “Il Mare” and “The Lake House” so i gave it a try and watched it IMMEDIATELY. HAHA XDAll i can say was ….WOW! AMAZING plot, music score, characters, …EVERYTHING i tell you!! WOOH! 😀


 [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]


 This was totally my favorite scene in the movie 🙂 For once, i was so focused in the music part of the movie instead of the “romance” thing. Really, i didn’t feel that spark in both the characters, except for Jay Chou’s character. But even for him, the chemistry was so lacking @_@ It’s like they are in love, because they have too, not because they feel that way for each other. T_T Oh why ….Anywho, after watching this movie, i have much much much much more respect for Jay Chou’s talent. He is extremely talented, yoh! I love him already!! He is not some everyday singer-turned-actor or vice versa who is all about looks but does not even have TALENT. XD 

Look! He can even play the piano backwards!!!! @_@ Talented!!!!! XD 

“Do you love me?” –> Sweet. 😀 I Actually got freaked out about with this scene *wink*. It was so surreal it hurts. hehe XD  




*Got the pictures from a multiply site 🙂 They are not mine! hehehe XD  


One Response to “Secret”

  1. fred Liu Says:

    Hey, this move’s name is “Secret” by Lun-mei GUEY (so cute girl) and Jay CHOU, the music i like very much is “First kiss” !

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