Going Back

January 9, 2008

Gahd. Blogsavy is proving to be such a pain in the arse nowadays that i have finally decided on abandoning it for now and transfer back here in wordpress. Yah, it has much more features and all but it doesnt really give me that “comfort” when i blog. I think it has so much ‘bugs’ that the admin should take care of.      

Wah! i missed WORDPRESS. *kisses the screen. lol* 😀 I shall never leave you again ( well… that depends if i get sick of the themes again and i scout for other blog hosts. hehehe )    

 Started out with a cool stat class, geez, I’ll miss this class for sure. One of the most chillax class ever. Fun classmates too, even though i’m not close to them. Hahaha  

 Ack! Only got a B in my Philo paper a.k.a. LONG TEST 1. 😦 Fine, it is not that bad, but still, i didn’t rush that paper and all, i really tried to make it GOOD,if not the BEST one to date. But still, a B. 😦 When will i ever get an A in his class? @_@ I’m no good….gahd. I should study more then!!!!! Oh well, Sandel….      

Only had 4 hours of sleep last night because i studied for our THEO test today 😦 After my Stat class, i rushed to Matteo and started to study while listening to korean/japanese/chinese songs from the ipod. LOL. Argh… INFO OVERLOAD I TELL YOU!I was sick but still managed to get up and DRIVE! hahaha I just hope and wish that my answers in the test were ok, or reasonable. I don’t want to FAIL 😦 Seriously, too much info racked my brain until it was close to “braindead” mode, but i hope i still managed to be “understandable” with my answers and stuff. @_@      


Lord,I gave my best,please do the rest 😀 



 sidenote: Randee!! Thank you for the Cheesecake from Bubbletea! I don’t care if it is a SUPER SUPER LATE CHRISTMAS TREAT! You know i’m a sucker for anything cheesecake, THANK YOU!!! 😀 *hugs*


One Response to “Going Back”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Finally, you’re back! Haha!

    I missed reading your posts! Di na rin kita halos nakikita sa campus! Miss youuuu!!

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