I bet you didn’t know. ;)

August 31, 2007

Because i could really shot myself for not updating this piece of junk for a couple of weeks now, I will end the month of August with a 19 facts/trivia about me.Everybody is doing this “tagged survey” shenanigan in multiply and in their respective blogs and i feel jealous. haha. But instead of doing just 8 trivia stuff, I’ll write 19 things that i bet you didn’t know.

Why 19? Just because i just turned NINETEEN, last August 26. lolz. If you forgot to greet me, i don’t like you. hahahahaha Kidding! πŸ™‚

Sooo, let’s start this off! These are not arranged in some chronological or ordered manner. I’ll just type whatever. hahahahaha

1) My name was supposed to be SEVENTEEN. Yep, the number 17, baybeh! That is why my nickname is “Tin-Tin” which leaves people bewildered on where the hell did i get my nickname. HAHAHA. So why seventeen? Because it was a special number for my parents….it was their ‘HAPPY!’ hehe They officially became a couple on March 17 of 1985. Woohoo. They decided not to name me seventeen because they think it was weird. Of course it would! How would you react when someone approaches you and tells you “Hello there, my name is Seventeen, what’s yours?” LOLZ.



2) Literally and Biologically speaking, i am NOT THE ELDEST in the family. Once upon a time, I had an older brother/sister ( my parents weren’t really sure because my mom wasn’t able to have an ultrasound thingie ) but he/she died before i even met him/her. T___T


3) I have quite a handful of celebrity relatives. *wink* *wink*. I could name four people whom i assume, you people have heard of at least once in your life. πŸ™‚ First are my Aunties, Melissa Mendez and Glenda Garcia. ^_^They are my mom’s first cousins. Do you know Benny Cheng? Yup, the one who became famous in the 1991 NCAA for scoring the final shot for the Mapua Cardinals! He is my uncle. Ahihihihi YEY for free PBA tickets back then when he was still in Ginebra. And yes, who wouldn’t know Aubrey Miles? Yep. She is my second cousin in my dad’s side ( her dad and my dad are first cousins. hehe ) πŸ˜‰


4) Anything sticky for a snack is a no-no. I don’t eat sticky rice cakes at all. “Suman”, “Sapin-sapin” and all those are ….T__T Me don’t like. I think i have super sensitive taste buds! hehe


5) I DON’T LIKE CHOCOLATES. HAHA, You read that right. I don’t like them. I might be the only person who will admit that, but yeah. But it’s not like i literally don’t eat chocolates, its just that i don’t share the same enthusiasm that others feel when they eat chocos. The only chocolates that i enjoy eating are the following: Ferrero Rocher, Chocnut, KitKat, Flat Tops, Kisses and Hershey’s cookies and cream. ^_^v


6 ) When i was 5 years old, i was invited to join the Ang TV crew. ( Yep! The kiddie show we all learned to love! Doo-a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dum-di-di-doo! LOL ) But well, my mom declined the offer telling the producer (? I don’t really remember, its a big blur to me ) that we value education before fame and fortune.


7) Unlike most girls, my cheeks don’t turn red in rare “kilig” moments. It’s usually my EAR that turns red….and hot. HAHA I swear! It’s like there is a sudden surge of blood in my ear instead of my cheeks ( or face ). So yeah, you wouldn’t see me “flushed” or something because my “kilig” is very well concealed.


8 ) I started writing stories ( mostly fables ) when i was 5 years old. I could distinctly remember myself dragging our ancient typewriter whenever i fell like writing. I even have the original copies with me still! Ooohhhh, childhood love. haha


9) I am a certified Goosebumps/Fear street and anything-written-by-R.L. Stine freak! I really loved all his books! Even though i could always predict the ending of his stories, it never fails to amuse me in some way.


10) My number one pet peeve is BEING LATE. Probably the one thing i could really be proud of is that i am quite punctual in everything. Yep, better be an hour early than a second late! πŸ˜‰ That’s why when i watch a movie, i make sure that I’m already inside the theater when the trailers are showed. If not, i’ll be badtrip the whole day. ^_^v


11) I love anything that has milk and cheese in it!! I even find myself imagining that there is such as place that is called “dairy planet” where everything is made up of dairy products. YUMMY!


12) I fall for a guy’s SENSE OF HUMOR and SOFTEE SIDE. When i say “softee” , it doesn’t mean that he HAS TO BE GAY ( although yeah, i do fall for gay guys and i don’t exactly know WHY! ), i just want to see his “soft side” ( in other words: emo but not super emo that he is already suicidal ). Egoistic men are a no-no! Those who feel that they are “cool”, “gwapo” and all that when they are really NOT ( in every sense of the word ) is a major turn-off.


13) My all time favorite Piano piece is Canon in D by Pachelbel! πŸ™‚ I have all the versions of it saved in my computer ( flute, guitar, piano, rock, hip-hop, acapella, Bach’s version, classical and the variations version ) OHHH, love it!


14) I am Claustrophobic. I can’t stand enclosed spaces for a long time. In addition to that, i fear places where there are a LOT OF PEOPLE ( like concerts and stuff ). I feel like i wouldn’t be able to breathe and most of the time, I get irrational migraines and headaches ( there were cases where i came close to fainting ). Seriously. You could ask my ex-school ( La Consolacion College Caloocan ) on how many times i was brought to the school clinic because of my phobia. Some say that its just Motion Sickness though. O.o


15) I adore Jackie Chan and Jet Li πŸ™‚ LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!


16) I was a Tug-O-War player in high school! Proud to be one too!!! I was supposed to be on the Swimming team but i was really intimidated with some people and the pressure proved to be too much for me so i ended up not trying out for the team in the end. T_T Boo.


17) I am a sucker for Asian Horror flicks even though I am a self-proclaimed Scaredy-cat! haha Nothing beats those moments when me and my dad will watch Asian horror flicks and the both of us will cover our eyes when the “mumu” appears on the screen! Whew. I swear, i panic when i see the face of the villain and i will not be able to sleep for a week!!!


18) Almost everybody knows that i go by the name of “Yuki-chan” but not all people know the reason behind the Japanese name. Well, you see, in my freshmen days in high school, my friend, Coleen, bestowed upon me the name of “Arasake”. It’s a fusion of my name and the word, “sake” which is the Japanese word for Rice Wine. This just means that most of the time I am quite “high” ( in every sense of the word ). hehe. So what is the origin of “YUKI”? First of all the word “YUKI” is the japanese term for “SNOW”. Because in the early years of my high school, i was this ‘stoic’, “don’t-you-dare-talk-to-me-because-i-would-kill-you‘, ‘insensitivity at its finest‘ kind of girl…people branded me as “cold hearted” ( that explains my email address before: Coldheartedmaniac ). And errr, people also pointed out that my skin color is WHITE ( although i always dared to correct them that I am not white! )…just like snow. Lastly, i have this major problem of being TOO NICE and TOO KIND to others even though i GET NOTHING IN RETURN….and some people have noticed that, telling me that i have a PURE SOUL and that my aura is CLEAR WHITE…with no tinge of evilness. O.o Oh my goodness, not right eh? hehe

So yeah, the characteristics of ‘snow’, being WHITE and COLD at the same time is like my whole personality summed-up in one word.

It’s quite amusing too, that I could relate very very well to ALL anime characters that i know of that are named YUKI. πŸ™‚ Especially Eiri Yuki from Gravitation! Wooh! I certainly believe that he is my boy-anime version! ^_____^


19) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HEINZ KETCHUP. I would eat anything with it! Be it chicken, fish or whatever that is solid enough to be dipped in ketchup. That is the only ketchup that eat though. LOLZ


Oh my, this got uberly lengthy! hehehe Oh well, Sandel. ^_^ Phew! Finally, finished the 19 facts! I didn’t know that this would get very very long. lol. πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “I bet you didn’t know. ;)”

  1. secret Says:

    those are really interesting facts about yourself, thanks. XD

  2. Monika Says:

    WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Chocolates are lurvvvvv!

    And you forgot to mention Pagong and Pawikan :3

  3. ohmygackt Says:

    @ Monika

    but people know that i am a TURTLE fan/geek! hahahaha

  4. albeen Says:

    hay… naka update na din. hehehehehe. very very very much siya. hehehehe. marami akung nalaman tungkol sa mga birds, trees, animals, at colors. πŸ˜› very informative at learning talaga. ;P

  5. Monika Says:

    Haha… well… you forgot to explain why “pagong” lol.

  6. Kishi Says:

    Have Zeki pose with Aubrey Miles πŸ˜‰

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