The Birthday Wishlist

August 16, 2007

Wee~ Its officially 10 days before my 19th birthday ( screw it, im old! haha ) , so i think i should jump into the bandwagon and make my own birthday wish list as well. 🙂 Gahd. im such a kiddo when it comes to birthdays because i get really excited for no reason. haha

Oh yeah, say hello to the last year of my teenage life. 10 more days and counting….

Forgive me if the list seems so random and they are not arranged in some ordered manner. haha

By the way, donations are very much welcome. lolz ^_^v

1) Black Macbook ( I’m still not sure if i should tell my parents that i want this, its too….expensive. blah )

2) Canon EOS 400D ( I love my Sony DSC- N2, but I so want a DSLR! )

3) ipod ( any model would do, provided that it works )

4) TURTLES! ( Yes! Alive and kicking little turtle! I want a LIVE pet! )

5) Tamagotchi ( Yeah! I want one, i swear! )

6) New Chucks! ( I want the fairy princess looking chucks! lol )

7) MANGA!! ( Any anime title would be nice. ^_^ )

8 ) A book ( no to inspirational/teenage lovelife PLEASE )

9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/ Squirtle plushies.

10) “L” Plushie ( OMFG! I want this one!! )

11) Pink PSP ^_^v ( It has to be pink or else! haha )

12) Polaroid Camera! ( any model would do. Nyahaha )

13) New wig ( i want green, pink, purple and red wigs! )

14) Platform boots ( black or white. lol )

15) Pen display or a Wacom Tablet

16) CAKE! ( strawberry-ish would be so fine! No chocolates. lol )


Hihihi. Wee~ I would definitely like to have them all, but geez, that is way too impossible.


One Response to “The Birthday Wishlist”

  1. Albeen Says:

    ME wanna give you sometihng ~.~ huhuhuhuh.. me gives ya lots and lots of huggy nad kissy.

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